Dire Cold – Getting ready for the Big Freeze

Will eat for food
Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

I started writing this post, the day before Thanksgiving, It was so busy and crazy that I just back  to it after all of my cooking. I just cannot believe that it is this cold this soon. It’s like someone opened the refrigerator. I am starting to believe that the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving is beginning of ice season.

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Chanukah is almost done and Christmas is almost here. My running at this time of the year is so difficult to maintain but it is fun to try. Lately, I have not run in the dark, as per usual, this time of the year. It’s a plus, as I keep running into hills in the Park literally.  I appreciate daylight saving time now. This time of the year morning has fog that carries ice not water, so black ice is an issue (I keep hearing a “Key & Peele” sketch in my had as I write this).

My outdoor romps in the Park are so beautiful in the dark due to Holiday light, but there are not as many lights as there were 3 years ago.  Yesterday there was an impromptu (or maybe not) Chanukah Processional of car with Menorahs atop the hood of the cars. Great for watching as you run by the darkened Park. Lately it closes at dusk. But this means that I get to see wonderful things like the procession and the Menorah lighting. I love the diversity of my neighborhood.

Days off are still an opportunity to go for a walk. I have decided to go out to the Park weather permitting once daily. I call this my fitness challenge as I really have packed on the food this Thanksgiving. I am slowly going back to my 17 day diet food plan, so I can maintain my weight. I keep thinking about how my exercise, diet and running habit can continue through the holiday (no excuses for me). I keep looking at my old pictures to motivate myself, but action speaks louder than words, so excuse me while I think out loud.

I need to eat better so I’m planing out my general food consumption. It helps me choose better foods and not to eat the brownies (unless they are 90 calorie Fibre one). But I’ll be skipping sweets for as long as I can. New Years  Eve will be my next splurge.From the “17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno ( I hate to be a promoter but I love this book).  Cycle 2 is a combination of lean eating and normal eating. Portion size is key here and watching sugar,  starches and grains in the diet.  I eat only the foods I like but I eat them in a specific way.


1/2 cup whole grain cereal, 2 eggs or 4 egg whites, prepared without oil, 1 probiotic serving

1 fruit serving

1 cup green tea


Liber amounts of protein (fish, shellfish, meat, chicken, eggs or vegetables) plus 1 probiotic serving

1 natural starch

unlimited amounts of  “cleansing” vegetables

1 cup green tea


Liberal amounts of protein (fish, shellfish, meat, chicken, or turkey)

unlimited amounts of  “cleansing” vegetables

1 cup of green tea


2nd fruit serving

2nd probiotic

Lots of water all day (Eight 8 ounce glasses of water)

I am planing my days accordingly as each day, as I am required by this diet to have some activity to burn up some calories. So, my running is back on but at a lower intensity. I’m going to run for fun in the “off-season” and prepare for next years challenges. (Oh I’m still planning!)

Next year’s races will be epic…I have a Marathon to run and this time hopefully no Hurricane will stop me.



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