Running in the cold after being in the warm!

English: A form of one-piece long underwear kn...
English: A form of one-piece long underwear known as a union suit, which was commonly worn by men, women and children in the late-19th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been a wimp this week. Usually, I would be in the Park tearing down the roadway and enjoying a great run (hey , in my mind I am). It has turned cold this week for the first time, since March and I am not mentally ready for this experience. I think back to all of my cold weather experiences and I realize that I may have to dust off the treadmill. It’s winter time and my body hates running in the cold.

I’m not a real Northerner, but I love to see the seasons change. I love warm weather, but not too warm either. I could use a nice temperature controlled environment to exercise in, right about now. I don’t like snow. Actually, I despise the “white stuff” because it gets in my way. I become very tentative about running and I seem to lose all will to go outside, I have to shovel it, walk in it and run in it. None of this thrills me.

I’m dreaming of a beautiful 70 degree Fahrenheit day. I regret speaking ill about days that were too hot.

Why did it have to snow? At lease it is gone for now, but not for long.  It will be back.

Out come my storm socks, which are uncomfortable but keep my feet dry. Then I have to get out the various neck gaiters, buffs, gloves and under layers (I need to buy some new silk long underwear). I need to add the little touches that allow me to run in the Winter but still feel warm and not hot.

Buffs were this little invention from Spain (it could be Canadian, but I am not sure) that look like thin neck gaiters, but they are multifunctional. They are easy to run in as they are very breathable and flexible. I love this invention. The New York Road Runners were giving them out and selling them at one time or another for some of their Winter races. I decided to get a few more from here at

My winter socks have to be thermal or I’ll freeze. Sometimes, I like to layer the socks, if it is really cold outside. There are no thermal running shoes. Also, some shoes change with the weather and become stiffer and more inflexible in the cold. I am hoping that my shoes will remain the same.

My running hat will be an old fleece hat that I have worn for years. I have tried many winter hats but fleece seems to work best for me.

Everyone will be wearing tights and appropriate long sleeve shirt, but sometimes I need a layer under it and I wear two shirts. Really, I am a wimp in the Winter. I am dreading digging all of this gear up to bundle it on and use it.

After that, it will be all about the GORE-TEX. Yeah! I need that material to keep the vicious wind out of my layers and to keep relatively warm before I get running. I wear a jacket made of GORE-TEX, but I skip the pants as it makes an awful loud sound when I run. It is not funny to hear your legs rub together.

There is so much to think about.

The great thing about the cold is that I get to sit inside and eat warm satisfying soup. Warming up is a good thing. Where is Spring!



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