Race & Recover: Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

Hollywood Studios - Run Indy Run
Hollywood Studios – Run Indy Run (Photo credit: SpreadTheMagic)


Finally, my race has passed. The lament has set in and the achy legs are just a reminder to start my recovery. I am trying to recover today while planning to do some work since I have been off running the half marathon. What kills me right now, is the travel and the lack of sleep. I feel as if I have flu-like symptoms but I am not ill. I am grateful for the pain gel that my Dr gave me that keeps the pain at bay. I have slathered it over my toes and legs to bring a sense of normalcy back to my body quickly.


Body check. I lost part of the nail on my right big toe but all in all I did very well this time. I’m not sure how the other nails feared because I used black nail polish to paint my toe nails. I needed to  do a quick coat on my nails so I could wear sandals. It was very warm in Florida last week.


Here is a synopsis of the race. I loved it this year as I train moderately and it showed. My time was not a PR per se, but under the conditions (too humid for words) and at the time of night (10pm EST), I don’t feel to bad about it. I do need much more training to do a PR or even beat my best time in this race. I decided to do moderate training when my knee gave out a few months ago. I am trying to preserve my body for next year. I have plans on doing a full marathon with many accompanying half marathons.


I started the race strong. The first third of this race is on roadways that have varying slopes. Many little hills to annoy you, if you are not a hill runner. I slogged up each of them and kept my pace. It’s funny, I felt very good during the race, much better than last year. Last year I really felt stressed and tired. I remembered the lessons learned from that race, hydrate often and eat your gel before or at mile 6. I ate my gel at Mile 6 which was a turnaround going back towards Hollywood Studios. The previous Park was Animal Kingdom, which was like a rainforest for all intensive purposes. I felt like I was melting on a sea of lava. I hydrated so much I had to take a potty brake. I wanted to hold it but it was too early in the race.


Hollywood Studios was better ventilated and had more open spaces so the only weird part was the tunnel with the lasers and fog (yes, lasers). The fog, though appropriate for the weather was man-made and had a troubling effect on me. I was not used to heat at night time, as I live in the Northeast. But I welcomed the second half of the race because I was very familiar with the course. Miles 9-11 passed by much quicker than I thought. My longest miles were miles 11-12 and 12-13. OMG! My legs were very angry by then, so I am glad that I was only doing a half and not a full marathon. I Gallowayed my way to mile 13, then I ran as if my life depended on it! I knew my time on the road was up. so I had to finish now or never.


I finished. After passing the last bunch of lasers and lights. I found the Finish line and Mickey Mouse! I gave him a high five and it was over.


I cannot wait for my pictures. They always tell me the story if they are presented correctly (or if the photographers did their jobs and took the photos). This conversation is for another time. I have not had great action running photos in awhile. I am beginning to think that I am better standing still.


As for my PR, better luck next year.






  1. Don’t sweat the PR. I never ever ever ever run a Disney race for a PR. There are too many variables that could go wrong. Mainly me getting distracted with the character sightings 🙂

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