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English: ING NYC Marathon
English: ING NYC Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though I have a race next week, I am now focused on the 2014 ING NYC Marathon. It reminded me of the 26.2 miles of  pure adrenaline and people.  As I was suiting up for my run today, I remembered cheering on my fellow runners yesterday in the ING NYC Marathon (Go Warren Street!).

I love it when a plan comes together!

I went out to cheer the runners and my team. and I saw many of my old friends out and running for the first time. I know that they were so exhilarated and happy at mile 10 where I saw them.

I went immediately to Manhattan where I saw some of my team on 1st Av. That was worth the trip. I met up with a friends who I am trying to talk into running 2014 with me. She loves the excitement but is still on the fence. She just started running. Back to the runners at mile 18. Most of the runners were running slower but still running and moving forward. Some people were moving fast. I hope I can get that momentum. As I see them I think of me. It was an interesting experience. I felt weird not running, but I know that I will be running a marathon.

It’s just a different race than anything else I have participated in. It’s why I cannot let it go.

I went to mile 23 after just to see if I could find some more people again. I missed my team members who were out cheering the team too but my friend and I saw other runners.  I watched as my neighbor and a former co-worker’s wife run past me. Then we walked to mile 26 to get a better look at the finish. It was too crowded to get there. I wanted to see the jumbo screen. Next year! This time it will be an experience.

It was a fabulous Marathon and it was just great to see runners out and about on the streets of NYC again after last year’s cancellation.  This was such a positive affirmation of the spirit of runners from all over coming and running. The class of 2012 is now vindicated. My turn is in 2014. It will be just as glorious and I will be ready!

Congratulations to all of the runners and finishers of the 2013 ING NYC Marathon.



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