Counting Down – One week to go….

Queensboro Bridge gezien vanaf Roosevelt Islan...
Queensboro Bridge gezien vanaf Roosevelt Island richting Queens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s getting close to the last weeks of training and I’m feeling bloated and out of shape (mentally). I am eating as normal so I’m not worried about my weight, but I need to get out and finish up my taper. I did what I could to motivate myself and I can tell that I can do my distance, but I am worried about my speed. If it isn’t on thing it’s another. Next week I will be finishing strong, after seeing the NYC Marathoners fly through and complete their race.

I love the NYC Marathon because it’s so familiar to me. Most of the course has stayed the same but for some reason I tend to block out parts of the course in Queens (not sure why). I should know it in my sleep. The start on the Verrazano Bridge is the highest hill but you feel nothing, but adrenaline, all the way into Brooklyn. Brooklyn is totally fun with the crowds treating you like royalty until you get to Williamsberg, where the very conservative Neighborhood wonders what all of the fuss is about. Queens is a blur to me as I worry about my nemesis the Queensboro Bridge (it sucks!). Then you are the ultimate of rock stars (paps included) when you enter and run trough Manhattan.  You go through the Bronx quickly ( I used to joke that it was the only way but life there has improved). Then you go to the home stretch in Manhattan,  to the Park and then you are done! Happy!

My Disney Wine & Dine Half marathon run will be almost as memorable. We start at the ESPN Zone and out to the highways and Parking lots of Disney. We have a lot of ground to cover. By the time we get to the Animal Kingdom I will be hopefully still feeling good and fresh. If I can feel good until the MGM Studios, which comes next I will have made it 2/3 of the way home. That is my goal. I want to get to see my hotel and still have enough to keep going. My mental strength and my body will have to work as I remember this course too. Once I past the Beach Club, I am almost done. I just need to run it in.

Mentally, I am going to need to prepare for this, but until then I still need to get on the road.


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