Fall Running – Time to Layer

warm-up (Photo credit: Zanthia)

It’s Fall again. Time for all marathon runners to pay up for all of the training that they were doing. I’m just apathetic at this point. My body is tired and I have two more weeks to go.

What’s the weather outside like? I keep asking many of my friends. It’s in that transitional state where it is not really hot or cold. There is an extreme cold frost in the morning so it’s almost like Winter running but by noon it warms up to a great Spring temperature. So what to do?

I love to run in the morning. This time of the year is when it gets pitch dark until 7am. I like to see when I run. Out come the head light headband and the flashy things that I usually wear during my night races.

SO…do I really want to run in the cold, dark morning. Not so much. I have been doing late morning, afternoon and early evening runs just to get outside. I feel somehow off schedule. But this is Fall.

This morning it was kind of cold and I went running in layers so I can take off items and tie them around my waist as I got warmed up. It was an awesome strategy except that I get really warm when I run so I have to endure a level of warm until it gets colder outside. Some people love the chill as they warm up but I really get cranky feeling the shiver go down my spine as I try to stretch and warm up. But they are upsides to Fall running.

Fall brings to mind pumpkins in the fields, zucchini’s at the vegetable stands and mulled cider or hot chocolate after a run. I love those things, but I do not like the cold. I have been fighting with myself when it comes time to put on the Gortex outer shell and the heavy socks. I am trying to preserve the last of Summer by wearing capri pants instead of tights. I may lose that battle if it gets any colder. It was somewhere in the 40’s the other day and I hear that the horrible “S” word has been seen in many other states already.  Say it isn’t so! I’m not ready for Winter. Florida where are you? I need your weather.

As I strap on a fleece top and scarf to walk to my part time gig, I think of tomorrows run and hope that I do not see frost before mid-November.

Welcome to Fall! Enjoy your races.

I thought that Fall was for


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