A runner in the Cambridge 2006 Race for Life w...
A runner in the Cambridge 2006 Race for Life wears a card in memory of the people she knows affected by cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I was racing I realized why I do races before my target race. I need to see how people run during a race. With the ever growing population of runner most of them younger than me, I have to adjust to new running trends.

Trend #1: Disney this is your fault! Women who wear tutus while running a race. I love a fancy runner like the rest of the world, but I never thought I would see a tutu outside of a Disney race. Oh boy have I! Pink, white, blue…name a color, they are everywhere. Yes, they are cute, but not very practical to run in. Definitely not aerodynamic! No! But there they are running down the streets and highways. More power to you people! Yes I said people as I have seen both men and women in them.

Trend #2: The running group. There are usually a few groups of runners, not necessarily a team, who run straight across the road and block the road, just like walkers use to do (I’ll get to that one). I’m all for togetherness and love but remember groups, you are not the only one in the race. There are many people both in front and behind you. leave them space to run.

Now for the walker’s version (let’s not leave them out), Do not join hands or link arms if you are in the front. Other people, (those pesky runners, will need to get by you because they are moving faster than you. I love a great “cum by ya” moment just like the next person but this is too much! Just walk normally so people can go around.

Despite all of my snarky, flippant talk, I really like to watch out for the next person when I run. Not only is it the right thing to do.

Here’s a few do’s and don’t to keep in mind when racing (trust me you are going to like this!)

-Stand where you are meant to stand when lining up for a race

if you are not going to run fast do not stand in the front so you can get your picture taken. I have seen this happen and it was not good for the two women who did it. They had to stand to the side until my corral showed up so that they would not get trampled by the very fast runners who were there to fly like the wind from beginning to end.

There is nothing wrong with running slower. You are still running. And if you feel like it you can pick up speed later. Just let the elites fly. It’s what they do!

-Don’t push and shove when passing others during a race

A races is a competition, so be kind. You are all going to the same conclusion, the finish line. There is no reason to throw someone off their game or aggravate them just to get around them. Say excuse me if you have to them gently squeeze by in an appropriate space. Kindness goes a long way in a race. You never know when you may need some kindness in an emergency situation.

-If you are a fast runner go to the front most part of the race.

Have you ever seen the one guy who is running a 6 minute mile from the back of the race like he was late to start. Really most of the time he was just chatting with people and then decided to run his pace. There’s always one. Just go to the front. you can meet your people after the race. If you are fast meet them at the finish line.

-Be mindful of people behind  you when talking water at a water station

If I had a dime for every time I have been splashed at the water station by someone who has no idea how to use it, I would never need to work again. Run up to the volunteer or water cup. if you cannot run and drink walk fast. There is no shame in that. Then properly dispose of the water by throwing it to the side to in the trash bin. Start speeding up again. Not complicated.

-When slowing down or starting a walking phase move to the side

Do I really need to say more!

-When you cross the finish line keep moving till the crowds thins, then stand on the side if safe

See above.

Enough of the blah blah blah! Most of this is stuff people know but do not care to acknowledge. Most races are courteous, polite and helpful, but it’s just the few that get to you during your race. Remember it is all about you (plural not singular). Enjoy your races. It’s running season again!




  1. Amen! I was just thinking this past weekend during my races that I need to do a blog to remind people of racing manners! This weekend in Baltimore I encountered walkers right in the middle the road. Move to the side people!!!! LOL

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