November is...
November is… (Photo credit: nataliesap)

Today I went for a recovery run. I admit it. I’m a wimp. I felt so sore from my 10 K run that I was afraid to go out and run, but I did. I went to the park just to get in some time on the road. I started walking and then I ran around the circle just like old times. It was glorious.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but I’m not sure about that. I will see how I feel tomorrow. I want to get a momentum going with my training. These are the last weeks of training for me. November is coming. Soon I will be lined-up in the corral and waiting to start my run. It will be a challenge but I still have time to make it an easy run.

I know that I can do more mileage and train harder now that my knee is feeling better. It was annoyed yesterday, but it is back to normal. I need to really focus this week. I decided to take things week by week to make it manageable (in my mind). I remember the mental mess I made of my race and now I am re-capping everything in my head. Things have been very stressful this week with my search for a new job and my house having an oil spill.

Things happen when you least expect it. My oil tanks overflowed while we were being filled up. They were not empty and our gauges malfunctioned. Short story was that, we have oil to clean up and we are living with the consequences and the smell of the spill. I am resigned to try to ignore the whole issue until I can figure out how to clean it up. I have a week to get that together.

Enough with the negative. I need some light in my life to light my spirits and get me back to my running bliss. I love the bliss.

I am looking forward to my run this weekend in the Park. I’m going to work up to a longer run by then. I have a great 4 miles and 6 is not impossible. I will stretch it to 8.

I am looking forward to the Food and Wine Event in NYC. I run so I can eat. I ate very healthy today. I had a lot of vegetables and fruit. I am grateful for my opportunity to eat after losing weight. Recently, a friend of mine lost 40 lbs. She sent me pictures. I may have to go by and see how she looks. This is an awesome achievement. She is very happy about her weight loss. As I go through my daily struggle to stay slim and eat well, I think about all I have done to get well and lose the weight.

I went to my doctor recently for my annual checkup. I was surprised that when she gave me my results, there was nothing wrong. I am healthy. I was great in all areas that my Mom and other relatives have issues with. Cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight are all under control and are optimum for my height. My body has recovered from my over weight self. I feel great. Now I need to get my body more fit so I can feel like a 20 year old (OK maybe 30).

Just something for me to think about as I train. I’m not getting any younger but I don’t have to feel that way.



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