Rock n Roll Brooklyn

RnR Bk2

Here’s how it went:

Ran 6 miles, had Beer for Breakfast, and danced in the Nethermead. Rock n Roll Brooklyn is in the rocked. Yes, I sucked but I finished and I’m happy!

I have a love hat relation ship with this race, but there is more love than hate. Rock n Roll Brooklyn Takes place on the roads and streets of where I run daily. This is where the love hate thing comes in. I know the course. I do not even need to see the map. I know it will mentally tear me apart because it is in my own territory.

It was a rough race but it started well as we ran past my Entrance of the Park and promptly ran out before we reached the Zoo. We ran up Flatbush Avenue to Grand Army Plaza (which looks like the Arc de Triumphe in Paris). Then we circled it, going around Grand Army Plaza. Surprisingly, this route was a upward slope. I felt like I was Running upstream. I was grateful that I did not have to run that hill of death twice (in the Park Past the Zoo). I felt so much better when I was circling the Plaza and on my way down hill. It felt like a mini accomplishment.I will take the good vibes where I can get it.

It still was hard. I went at a great pace till mile 4 when my brain freaked out about the fact that I was still running and the end was not in sight. Funny thing I was not distracted by the loud band playing. Too bad I needed the distraction.

Ugh! I was doing a Galloway method just to keep going because my brain wanted to stop. This is NOT my first time running this or my first 10K so I’m not sure why my brain is acting weird. I was not tired or achy so it was definitely mental.

But thankfully I was running again toward my nemesis, the big hill. There’s always a big hill in a NYC race. Ugh! Why!

I ran up 1/3 of the way then I walk/ran 1/3, then I ran the rest. My brain was OK, with that deal that I made with myself. I only had one more hurdle to get over. The long stretch before the baseball fields. Once I got to the mini hill I would be going down and therefore finishing.

I Gallowayed my way in to mile 6 on my watch and then just ran for my life.

I could see the Finish line and I ran for it. All I wanted to do was finish.

I did have more in me because when I saw the finish I sprinted and I thought I could not. When I finished. I felt relieved.

All I wanted now was my medal and some water not in that order.

TO THE BEER GARDEN I went! I had fun. It was hard but Next Year I’ll do it again.




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