Interesting Week so Far – Tornado Warning

Tornado warning
Tornado warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was an interesting morning. I got oil for my tanks and it spilled,I just recovered from a weekend of the trots (more on that later), and there was a Tornado Warning during my run. But the day is not over yet. I am hoping for a strong finish.

No, I am not complaining, but having the Trots is weird and embarrassing to say the least. I first heard of this issue back when I started to train for my first Marathon. I guess you hear of many strange things when you first train. I never knew why it happened but this time I am thinking it was what I ate.

It started on Friday mid day when I decided to try a new restaurant. I’m sure their food was great. Believe me it was great when I ate there. However, I believe that one of my food allergies makes my condition a sure thing when eating Japanese fusion food.

The trots occur when you are out running. It is like a stomach issue except that movement makes it worse. I was running in the Park on Saturday, when I realized that it was time to stop. Ouch! Not only did I double over, but I really had to go. I used a porto-potty. Yes, I actually did on purpose use a porto-potty. It is one thing when you are in the middle of nowhere but I was less than 5 minutes from home. I HAD to go! After I went, I ran like the wind towards my house. I made it home just in time.

It got better, after I stopped moving, but eating more food was out of the question. THere was no Breakfast or Lunch Until the evening. I was starving. This lasted until Sunday mid day, so my half marathon test run was off.

So I knew I was going to run today.

I did run, but my phone interrupted me with a Tornado Warning. Why! Now it’s a severe Thunderstorm Warning. There are too many ‘Warnings’ in one day. The rain stopped as I was leaving the Park.

I did see some interesting clouds during my run and I got rained on severely while I was running down the big hill.  Did I mention the high winds? Yeah well, all in a day’s run.  I look like a wet dog but I did my run (GRRR!) I was determined to run.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a normal day. Bring back the Sun.


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