Back in the Saddle

galloping horses?
galloping horses? (Photo credit: happy via)

I ran today finally. It took all of my energy to get out and run. A body at rest stays at rest. I felt so great out there. I was not as fast as I have been but I was strong and the run was easy. What a thrill and what a relief to be able to run without being out of breath.

I feel rejuvenated.  Then I realized that there is my favorite half marathon on Sunday, “Grete’s Great Gallop half marathon, during the Norway festival.” I run it mostly as a test for my November Marathons and half Marathons. This year, I think it will not happen for me as I just got over my cold. I have no way of getting through 13.1 miles in a decent time and stay healthy.

This is where my brain and my body disconnect. My mind wants to go and run it and my body wants to skip it totally. My body wants to couch potato itself still. Me, I am going to “get my run on.”  I will run as much as I can in the next 3 days. I need to get back to my distance training quickly and safely. My trainer is trying to get back on my schedule.

This week has become terribly busy. I have been doing one day of Office Hours at Enchantments – Brooklyn. I am the shaman on duty on Thursdays at the store. In addition to that my website went live and I’m trying to make it look presentable. This is way too much to accomplish in one week, but I am plugging along. Wow, my focus is not totally running, how odd. That has never happened before outside of my old Corporate job which I was separated from in March.  Though I am still looking for another job, I will need to keep busy in order to stay sane. Also, my resume needs the help filling in the lack of job time.

Speaking of insane, Rock n Roll Brooklyn is coming up next week and I’m in. This race is a 10K so it’s not too frightening. It is possible since I have been running all year. My time may be off but my distance will be easy to complete. Persistence in my schedule will work for a 10K. I will hold my breath that it will stay dry for the rest of the week.

I need to get ready to run that. Though I will not win, I can have a good showing. You never know how your body is.

One bit of advice for myself is to get some good sleep and try to get out to run as often as possible. THis means I need to get to sleep…but I cannot. I am warm and wide awake. Time for some tea. Back to my hurried and insane schedule tomorrow.





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