The Struggle for More Distance

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Today was a very special day for me. I got to go out into Manhattan and meet a fellow runner and great blogger in her own right, Anne Brennan. For those of you who do not know her, (and I cannot imagine how) She does Ann’s Running Commentary, a podcast and has a great Blog. She is an Iron Woman (awesome) who races frequently. What a wonderful person. We had coffee in Starbucks inside of the Barnes & Noble  in Manhattan. I actually avoided buying a book. (It was a miracle I tell you!)

I found out she was in town when I followed my twitter feed. I love reading my Twitter feed, but I am mad at Twitter because I would love to follow more people but they have a cap on how many you can follow unless you have a lot of followers or are a Celebrity.

Really Twitter, It’s just dumb!

One thing people, if you get to meet a fellow blogger in their home turf, do it! It can be a great experience for both of you. I love reading blogs more than I love writing, but both are fun. I feel that I know so much about everyone even though we never met. It’s a great lifestyle. The running habit helps too, we will never run out of things to say. Every race is a journey. I cannot wait until I get to run mine. I am both nervous and anxious.

I have been having challenges in getting in my runs. Also, my stress level has gone up as my races get closer. This is typical for me, but I have decided to fight the lethargy.

I am crafting a plan as we speak, I will use my tried and true method of walking and running my desired distance. One thing I will do is force more running while I am walking the longer distance.  I can add the running into the equation during the workout, as much as, I can stand.

My attempt at getting more distance will be chronicled as often as I run into difficulties. I hope to overcome this mental block as I always do at this time of the year. My running always get longer and more frequent. My knee is doing well so, I am going to resume my training.

I am desperate to keep on track. I do not just want to run, I want to soar like a bird. Running is such a mental thing. I need to visualize and live each moment of every upcoming race. Some days I feel like, I do not have enough time to train because this is such a big project.

For my 1/2 marathon I have to fill in the first 10 miles so I can get to the last 3 in a great mental state. For the 10k, I just need to relax for 5 miles, even though I know what’s coming. Most of this mental training should be in the Park, but it may have to happen on the treadmill. I need more time on the road. It’s happened before, so I will have to do it again. Think girl! Breathe!

My Mental training will have to start now, so that I can mentally run my races. Every little bit helps. I am still breathing after all of this thought about the races.

Thanks for the coffee Anne! Keep running.


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