EPAT #4 and #5 – The Last Treatments

I just had my last treatment today and boy am I excited. My left knee feels like my right knee. Which is great. There is still a remaining little tinge of pain that flares up, now and then, but the Doctor assures me that I will recover nicely in time.

I just found out about a shockwave machine that they have in the physical therapy area. This is one thing that the EPAT is NOT. There are no shocking or electrical impulses. It does however use a gentle tapping motion (many compressions)

He told me about how he treated patients with chronic injuries and people who have had surgeries and lost their mobility.This machine is not for everyone, but it can treat many tendon based injuries. The patient who had surgery now walks again and on occasions stops by to thank the doctor for helping her. (Ok, I guess I am the only one who finds it strange that people visit their doctor).

I went running this morning, and it felt almost like it did before my injury. I noticed that I can pick up speed a little again, when I run. I need to avoid the hills ,per the doctor’s orders, for now.  But I must do some sprints in the next week or so so I can get my speed back up. Too many runners were passing me today. I only allow for the 20 somethings to pass. Just kidding.

Well OK, just kidding a little bit. I need some mental craziness, in order to run the same circle around the park every morning. I need a new fun place to run but time is never on my side. I would go and run the Brooklyn Bridge if I had more time. I need the strong lungs.  My endurance is low but it will get better in the next 3 weeks. I feel great out there on the open road running again. I can do 3 miles with no pain or issues, where as before, after 1 mile, I needed a break.

So good to be back on schedule. Now I need to do my distance. I keep saying that. I need to convince myself to go out and do it ( like the Nike commercial). Oh, I could ramble on all night about my training, as I already have. I must be a runner!

One thing is for sure, I feel the need for more rest. it is getting closer to my race and all I will do is run and sleep. My trainer will be back tomorrow so I should be sufficiently sore tomorrow and the next day. Better living through pain cream. No pain….my game.

My experience has been increasingly pleasant as the knee heals without the torture of physical therapy (sorry physical therapists, you really do make me sad. I wish I had found this sooner.





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