Known Issue – Withings Pulse

English: The WiFi Withings Bodyscale
English: The WiFi Withings Bodyscale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across this issue 11 days too late. I believe that there is a firmware update with the WIthings Pulse that may have cause this. I figured that out because after I reset my Pulse it updated the firmware.

The giveaway that something was amiss was that the Withings Pulse did not sync. I figured that it would do that at the next interval. 11 days later, I was in hot water. I went to the Withings website to see if I could find a solution. Luckily for me, the Knowledge base has the issue covered. Here is an exerpt from the knowledge base article titled, “Since a few days, my Withings Pulse step/sleep data do not sync with my smartphone anymore.”

posted this on Sep 06 17:27

First, please confirm that you have the following behaviour on your pulse when you press for sync:

  • the Pulse display changed to show it was starting the sync
  • the app on your phone shows a progress bar that does not move
  • the Pulse progress bar doesn’t move
  • after a few seconds, the Pulse displays a check mark
  • both displays return to normal
  • no steps/sleep data has been updated on the app however

If this is the case, please follow the process below in order to factory reset your Withings Pulse.

Important notice: please note that all the data you have not synchronized in the past will be lost.

Next they give you the instructions on how to reset the Pulse.

Follow the instructions. They take a few seconds to catch up to your actions, but they do work. One minor issue: You will lose all of the store data in the reset.

So I have lost 11 days. But this device seems to be working again.  Lesson learned, don’t wait 11 days to sync the device. Cheers!


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