EPAT #3 – Getting better I think!


It has taken me a couple of days to get this article out but time is my friend with this procedure. As the days are passing, I seem to be getting better, but I still have to ramp up again. I hope I do not do it too fast. My distance running difficult to do, but I am fighting, I call it fighting back from injury. Tomorrow ,I am going to do some more distance running so I can work up to 10 miles. I want to make it normal to run it.

My knee is cranky but it can move. This EPAT machine is just as good as physical therapy.

I have a big smile on my face as I feel a little better today than I did yesterday, and the day before. My EPAT session was longer than I thought but I feel wonderful. I don’t feel like I need the pain management cream. I now use it on other areas. Funny, I thought it did not work (the cream), but it definitely works. My Doctor rocks! Don’t tell him that though, he may get the idea that I love doctors. (just kidding people!)

Well, here’s how it is moving along with the knee. It seems to be repairing itself slowly. When I go up the stairs it has stopped hurting. Running up hills is not horrible, however time on the feet is aggravating to it and it stings a little.

Each treatment is getting more tolerable and less shocking to the knee, thought there it still swelling with this treatment now. For this treatment, you are not able to take anti-inflamitary medication, or use ice. So, I just let the swelling stay. I use the pain management lotion 2 times a day for this purpose.

Sometimes, I ask myself what have I gotten myself into. The experiment worked this time. I hope I stay lucky in my training too.

Well, the treatments with that vibrating pulsing wand seem to be working out better than I thought. I have two more treatments left to do with my doctor.  Then I should know the outcome of my injury. I vote for me doing well and not doing this again.

Two more chances to hear about my knee. Hang in there. I am.




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