Today I went to the Doctor to continue with my EPAT treatment. My left knee is still hurting me. Ouchie! But it is getting much better than it was when I first started going to the doctor.

Good thing, as this treatment is NOT cheap. But I like it better than 16 weeks of physical therapy and a few shots.

Shots Suck!!! I mean that! I avoid them like the plague that they are. It’s the 21st Century aren’t we able to administer medicine in other ways yet. Where is that easy absorption wand.

What disorders can it treat? Quoting the literature,”Generally, acute, or chronic muscle pain and/or tendon insertional pain that significantly impairs mobility or quality of life including:

There are some discomfort that can be experienced from this treatment however, I have not really experienced much of it. It has been relatively painless with only the pain of my knee to bother me. It does not hurt as bad as it did when I started, but it seems to be a dull pain now. There is no bruising on me so I am loving this treatment.

My Doctor used the EPAT machine on his torn meniscus. I believe that my injury is not that severe but it is painful.

I have not been doing distance running, because it is still too painful to run over 6 miles.  However, I will force my fee to do this this week by doing a long run walk (about 6 miles) for the rest of the week. I figure if I can get past 6 miles without much pain, I can continue my training for my race.

I need courage. I am nervous about my knee.

My plan for this week is to get one more EPAT this week and two next week. This should work to get my left knee back to it’s normal function. My pain management strategy should keep me from being a total pain to everyone around me. The many topical creams, ointments, alternative medical treatments have started to work, so my training is ongoing.

Run on people! I know I want to.


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