English: Band-Aid logo designed by Dresser Joh...
English: Band-Aid logo designed by Dresser Johnson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While running trough the Park the other morning, I did a clockwise  circle of the Park, as I do to alternate and preserve my joints.  The park roadway is slightly sloped inward and down in order to prevent flooding. Therefore on some days, I go clockwise and others I do the counterclockwise circle.

But that was not the point.

I noticed something very strange in the hot summer air. Not many people think of this issue, because both men and women do not have the same issue. I am speaking of running and chaffing. And I saw this very painful look from this guy, as he ran by me in the hot sun, I realized that he sis not know about the many uses of band aids.

Bandaids are very handy when you are an athlete. Anti chaffing sticks are not enough.

I sue them on the heels of my feet when I break in new running shoes. I wear them on my toes when training after a long run. But one thing I know men do is that they wear them under their singlets when running because they do not wear athletic bras. (Well, I am guessing that most of them do not, but if you do more power to you! No judgement!)

Yes, this guy looked very unhappy. If I saw him again I vowed to stop him and inform him of his error, but I realized that it would be better from a fellow male runner. I looked for a few friends out there training to have them relay the message.

All you have to do is peel the band aid off , shorten the two ends if you are hairy and attach over the nipple. Oddly enough, It only takes a few seconds, I found a few friends doing this before races.  It seems to work like a charm.

I tend to run out of band aids and never have enough on hand to use, but guys should invest in this simple solution. If you are allergic to the standard bandaid, you can try some of the hypoallergenic versions.

Instead of bleeding or being in pain, men should know to use something under their singlets or t-shirts, when they run or work out. It helps against chaffing. Though it’s rare, women can do this too if they chafe.  Or you can just try the anti chaffing stick solution. Either way,  it is best to find something that will give you a pain free run. Hang loose! Happy running!



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  2. Wow, I had no clue about the band-aid trick. I’m not a runner (yet), but that will save me some heartache when I get my new walking shoes. I always hate braking in new shoes. My toes and heels thank you!

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