Withings Pulse – Part 2 – The usage

Withings Pulse
Withings Pulse (Photo credit: juhansonin)

This is a follow-up to my article on Withings Pulse. This is the year of body and activity monitors. Nike has an activity monitor geared to running. Body Media, Jawbone, Sculptec and Fitbit has another type. The Amiigo is coming out as well with their device for iPhone & Android. So many devices so little time.

I am trying out the Withings pulse. As with most people, I got the scale and decided to add more devices to my tracking. The iPhone app conveniently guides you to all of the Wiitings supported devices. I am loving it though because I love gadgets.

La nouvelle version du #Withings Companion est...
La nouvelle version du #Withings Companion est compatible avec #Pulse !! #quantifiedself (Photo credit: Emmanuel Gadenne)

The pulse has tracked my sleep, activity including running and heart rate. I just started using the “My Fitness Pal” app in order to track my food intake. I realize that with my activity level I need to get in more workouts.

All of this fitness tracking makes me want to work out more, but I still need to watch my schedule as I must sleep. Sleep is important in the fitness. I now can see how I sleep without guessing. This was one of the main reasons that I bought this device. I feel if you do not track sleep the whole fitness equation is incomplete. For example, I sleep between 6 to 7 hours a night on average, with 4 hours of deep sleep and 3 hours of light sleep. Normally, I feel as if I sleep less than 5 hours, but it looks like I am sleeping better than I thought. This is a great thing. I am sleeping just the correct amount each night. I feel great in the morning.

Lets speak about the pulse…not the device, the fact that it can take m pulse. You put your finger on the back of the device to see your heart rate. But you will need the Cuff for full blood pressure reading. My last heart rate reading was 67 beats per minute. Not bad for an old girl! (smile.)

The pulse adds  your running data to the activity, which gives you an extra boost when calculating their activity. This makes it was to see how much you move during your day.  Other than running, I do not move around a lot during the day. This is why I need to add additional cardio to my exercise.

Good to know.

What it is missing:

1. There is no way to evaluate your workout (exercise, Weight training).

2. There is no manual way to add your activity or add a new type of activity (this is not for swimmers, cyclist or anyone not walking or running).

For my purposes it is not too bad, as I can get an approximation of my activity. It seems as if Withings is adding to their devices slowly so I will have to wait to see how they add to these tools. I still think they are perfect for weight loss or maintenance.

More to come. It’s still early in the evaluation.



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