OMG! What’s that smell.

Scent bottles
Scent bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had no way of knowing that this was a trend. While running in the Park this morning I started my climb up a hill to do the hill from hell, during my 3 mile run. I was breathing hard, as I tried to make that quarter of a mile upward climb, then “bang,” my nose detected the trail of cologne from a passing runner, who was running in the other direction. Ugh! it was so strong It hit me like a slap in the face.

Really, how funky can you get while running that you would need cologne?  There seem to be an ongoing discussion on this issue.

Now I did not know that people would go for a run with cologne on, but it seems that the application was quite fresh. This would not be the only time that I smelled cologne, after shave or perfume on someone who was out for a brisk walk or run. At least, 4 more times during my brief run did I run by a scent.

In reality, I am in NYC. NYC in itself has a myriad of smells, so adding to it is overwhelming. The Park has a relatively fresh scent, in comparison to the streets. There are plants and trees which smell pleasant (not counting the Zoo).

In my opinion, strong smelling cologne or perfume is more obnoxious and offensive than anyone’s normal smelling funk (that’s if you shower regularly). If you are one of those people who do not shower regularly and try to mask the funk with cologne, you are fooling NO ONE! Trust me.

Now I am not sure how healthy your skin is by wearing some of these fragrances, in the first place.  If you choose to run with cologne as a few people have said in their blogs try not to bathe in it. Frankly, I think you are being to self conscious, you probably smell fine.

Most people are not going to worry about the smell if they  really want to interact with you anyway.

Rarely, I think about things like this as when I run. In the morning I roll out of bed then I get dressed and run. No ceremony is necessary. I figure that if I am running by, no amount of funk will offend anyone but me. I can see if you have to ride a bus or a train in order to get to the Park, that there may be an issue, but if you are local, it pays to go without a scent.

I have had no complaints, at least not to my face. Now what people say things behind my back, that is something totally different. You know who you are. (Just kidding)

Now, take a deep breath. That wasn’t so bad was it.



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