Withings – Part 1 – The set up

Withings Pulse
Withings Pulse (Photo credit: juhansonin)

Today I received my Withings pulse. Withings is a company who made an internet scale, blood pressure cuff, baby monitor and pulse activity meter. I ordered it on a whim. Yes, I have another gadget!

I wanted to track my sleep patterns and most activity monitors are geared for only that, activity. I feel it is very important to see how my daily sleep patterns run. It will explain why I hate mornings and maybe I can adjust my insomnia-like sleep patterns in the evening.

I am naturally a late night person, who can only sleep in the morning. I love sleeping at about 1 – 2 am in the morning but I can easily sleep at midnight. This does not leave enough time to run if You get up at 5am.

The later you run in the summer, the more awful the run because of the heat and humidity. I love the morning runs but I hate leaving my bed. Sleeping earlier is not always possible. I have forced myself to sleep at about 10pm in the evening, but it does not always happen. Why is this so hard? Hopefully, I will one day know why.

Why Withings pulse? I have the Internet scale and the blood pressure cuff. Both of them were very instrumental in my weight loss. The scale’s iPhone app tracked my weight loss and sent out alerts and weekly reports. I watched my weight leave me every week and never looked back. Even now I keep watch with the app to see how my fitness is. This brings me to the blood pressure cuff. I use it monthly to see how my blood pressure fluctuates during the year. I use it to compare with my doctors blood pressure measurement. They coincide pretty closely.

The pulse monitors running, walking, sleep and heart rate. Nice! This could bring a whole new picture to my fitness level. Today I tracked my walking. It gave me a good count on how many steps I took today. There were over 15,000 steps for me today. I guess I was busy.

Tomorrow I will add my run. There are many possibilities here but I am getting tired and I need some sleep. Speaking of sleep…

Tonight I will start tracking my sleep patterns. This means that I will need to sleep at a normal time. This is not easy for me as it is already close to 11pm. Ugh. How will this work?  To be continued tomorrow. I’m excited!



  1. So how is the pulse working for you? I have been using the scale since I started losing weight and have been pleased. It seems to be accurate and in fact the BMI is almost exactly the same as when my physician does it manually.

    1. Actually, I am going to do another review. The Pulse is interesting piece of equipment. I think it is great because it does many functions that the pulse app tracts but you need the blood pressure cuff. It has it’s pros & cons.

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