The Food


Food is not the enemy. Sometimes, I think it is. It is a hard sell for me to be neutral to it, as I have to eat every day and I enjoy it. I cannot eat the perfect diet.


I love food. It used to be used as a self soothing drug when I was upset or stressed, which was 90% of the time. Now, I just use it to keep me fueled up.  If this sounds great, it is. Not really! Most people use food as a play thing and I’m not sure that we will change.


My friends gather around and chat in restaurants or in their apartments with food. There are very few events that I attend that do not have food. This would be great if I was able to actually eat the food I wanted to eat without turning into a much larger version of myself.


Why is food so important?


It is because we have to eat it daily. I cannot seem to get around it.


I had a discussion on food and eating with some friends, and I was surprised at the different attitudes and relationships to food that they had. Most of my friends enjoy eating their food and avoid the foods that they do not like. Some of them, eat some of the foods that they do not like out of politeness to someone (if they are a guest some where), or if it is good for them, as in the case of vegetables. Then there are the few who do not have a thought one way or the other for food and forget to eat or only eat when they are famished. I don’t have a lot of the latter for friends. Both my friends and family tend to eat to enjoy.


As I sit watching the Food Network (food porn), I realize that I am obsessed with food. It is probably why I have the hardest time staying at my race weight. Every year, I have to go to my race weight be it 5 or 10 pounds. I am stable in my weight at this time but I worry everyday about it.



The longer my long runs are the more I lose in weight, but I am getting to a point where I do less long runs and more endurance work to get the same results, in other words less weight loss. This means tat I need to lose my weight through proper diet (a lifestyle change). No DIETing will work as it would only be temporary. Along with the diet will be additional exercise. My running is temporarily sidelined, but I can do other crosstraining activities. I love working out, so I will do that. Workouts with an intensity and speed are in order. I will have less rest time and more activity to keep my heart rate up.  I want to get my run going. Being away from any activity for a long time will make it difficult to pick up but not impossible to do. I will have to embrace the difficulty.  Why did I age? I am never going to admit that I am old. Face it, I am defiant. This does not mean tat I am annoyed that I cannot be like I was when I was young. When I was young I could out eat everyone! Then, I would go out and run up and down my block without feeling any discomfort.  Time is running out for me. My race is coming soon. Better get my plan going. Action! As I whine and cry through the streets of NYC, I will have to get back to my training this weekend. Besides, my pain management solutions have arrived. 






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