Bad Run Day

English: Motivational Saying
English: Motivational Saying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I awoke and got myself ready for my run. All seemed a little off as I walked to the Park for my morning run. I decided to run outside of the Park running path as the path was crowded.

Those darn runners they are everywhere and it’s 6:30 am…I just laughed to myself, because I was one of those runners.

There was no real reason that I had to feel off, except that my sleep pattern may have been interrupted by my over zealous kitty snuggling me to be comfortable on the mattress last night.  But since I do not remember it may not be the issue.

That darn kitty why is she snuggling up to me all night…what am I, a grouch. Of course, I love my kitty snuggling with me.

I have to remind myself that I am going to run a half marathon. I need to run long. I may have to do my long runs during the week if I can get to the City before rush hour. I ran with the Intention of doing more than 4 miles and I ended up at 4 miles. I could have run longer but my legs feel like wet noodles.

Yes. This is a bad run day.

What motivates me on a bad run day? I feel I have a special situation (whether it is true or not) my weight loss and maintenance keep me out there running. Also, the fact that I love to run races. I am back in the saddle on Monday with my trainer so I need to work out hard so his workout will not kill me (ok, it will not kill me but it will hurt a lot).

There is a lot to be said for self-motivation when running or training. The same motivation that you have during training is the same motivation that you can use during your race, when you are feeling  less than well.  I remember many races trying to mentally struggle through them when I felt tired or achy. Your mind is the most powerful tool at that time and memories of times when you needed strength and found it will help you during those times.

Go with the bad feeling. Let it bother you and know that it is temporary. In racing, everything is temporary including the race. There is a beginning, middle and an end. Keep thinking about finishing and you will make it there. It may take awhile and it may not look like you needed it to look , but it will happen.

One note, if there is a serious issue, look into it immediately. There is no shame in making sure you are in good health.

The real motivation comes from the runner that are out there who were like me. They were overweight and struggling to get their workout in, but they keep plugging away because they are driven. They want to change their lives and they are actively working on it. I am very proud to see that they are out there. They are my brethren. I am very pleased to be associated with them.

Tomorrow is another day to run.




  1. thanks for the link! My legs are what always give out on me first too )= But, the best runs always come when you least expect it-it will happen! Good luck on your half marathon!

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