A year of runDisney medals at the Expo
A year of runDisney medals at the Expo (Photo credit: fligtar)


I was going about my business yesterday and I ran across a few running blogs that I have not read before. I tend to read more than I write lately. It is very comforting to see so many people writing about running and their lives. So are so inspirational it gets me thinking of what I need to do.


Get out there and get running!


I was feeling a little blah, as I do some days, so to pick me up I did some shoe shopping. Retail therapy is not something I normally do, but I love running gear. I was looking for deals on running shoes on the internet so I thought of zappos.com.


Here’s where I’m going with this….


While I was surfing and shopping, I found this popular blog Run, Eat, Repeat.  The August 14th posts Win a RunDIsney Trip by Finding Glass Sneakers was right up my alley. I LOVE Disney. No one in my house will ever utter the words, “Do you want to go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?” The answer would be “both thanks.”


Maria, the blogger is obsessed like me. She loves Cinderella and has several pictures of herself in costume and at RunDisney races. I totally empathized with her love of Disney. I have been hooked since age 3. It was over after the first cartoon. I am a Mickey Mouse fan. See below.




There is no way that I could ever be ripped from Disney since they have appealed to my medal obsession. I have to fight to keep myself from registering for every race just to go and celebrate at Disney.


Now as for the Glass sneakers. I love that Zappos and New Balance teamed up with DIsney (Triple threat) to do this contest. Not only will I enter the Contest for the RunDisney race, I will try my luck at the glass sneakers.


Now I’m Obsessed…Glass running shoes. Way to go guys! Now I will have to get my Running Disney Princess thing on.


Why don’t you join me! It could be fun.


Go here to enter the Happily Ever Excellent contest.


Maybe you will find the Glass Sneakers and Run Happily ever excellent.





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