Results: Under Wear, Under There Poll

2013 Underwear Affair Calgary
2013 Underwear Affair Calgary (Photo credit: Sangudo)

A while back, I wrote about running underwear. I started my piece with a Poll. It was not terribly shocking in itself, but here are the results of the Poll.

For Women: Do you wear running bra?
Yes. Of course I do. 80%

No. I wear a regular bra. 20%

No. I do not wear a bra. 0%

For all: Do you wear exercise Underwear?
Yes. Of course I do. 66.67%

No. I wear regular underwear. 16.67%

No. I do not wear underwear. 17%

This means that of all of the people polled most of the purchase and wear running underwear. This is a good thing considering going without can cause extreme chaffing, but there were so me brave souls who admitted to not wearing underwear. Be it truthful or not, the fact that someone could manage and not wear them is amazing.
My tender bits need to be covered at all times. If not, lightning will strike the Kremlin and it will burst into flames (just kidding Kremlin). You never know who’s watching this…back to underwear.
Let’s talk about the people who wear regular underwear. I can see the bottoms as being inconsequential except in the case of a long distance run, or race. Also, if wet they may not dry as quickly as the specialized running ones, but if you are ok with the wet, who’s to say otherwise.
Now let’s talk about the sports bra situation. Really people, the jiggle girl thing went out with the 70’s. Lock n’ load female runners. Having them swing low or even high and in your face is not good for anyone but the gawkers. You can do better than them. Besides, my girlfriend reminded me that the bouncy, bouncyness of the running irritates her and leaves bruises in the oddest places. Regular bras are made to be cute and keep you properly fitting clothes, but a proper sports bras keep you in place while you run.
There are a few types of bras support levels that you can use, but it all depends on your intensity and cup size. It’s really a no brainer: there are regular, medium, high and maximum support.  Let’s cut to the chase.  For running you should use no lower than medium and if you are larger than a B cup wear maximum support to be safe. It may not be cute, but it will keep you from being knocked out by your breasts.
Now that I have pointed that out (pun intended). I can move on with the thought that women everywhere will think about NOT bouncing down the trail as they run.
Save the bounce for the party! Cheers!


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