Finally! No regrets!

Today I went to the Adidas store in Manhattan. It was not that hard to find as it was very large. I think originally the one I went to might have been smaller but this one was 2 floors. I came in and as usual. The ground floor was dedicated to Men’s Fashion and shoes. So, I went upstairs immediately. I am tired of looking at men’s running gear because they make women’s so cute versus functional.

While I was going upstairs, I noticed many tourists looking at the cute t-shirts and other gear. The Soccer gear seemed to be the most popular after, the basketball gear. But I came to see the Women’s running section. So I pressed on.

At the top of the stairs, there it was, the running shoes. I ran over to them to take a look at them.  It was glorious except that I noticed that there was a lack of color variation. I think I will be ordering a custom pair one day when I can afford it.  There were many pink, grey or white with a few aqua variations. There were many  shoes that had two or more color combinations on them it seems to be the trend. While they are very attractive, I would love to see some muted purples or blues for women. Not so much pink as I saw, but the shoes I purchased are growing on me.

After all I lessons learned from my previous purchase, I looked at the sole of the shoes to see if the cushioning was substantial and the tongue of the shoes to see if they were cushioned as well. My pair of Adidas Marathons 10s in grey and yellow are great for running races but are too light weight to train in.

I found the perfect pair of running shoes and they were right under my nose. They were waiting for me as I came off the elevator and they are not pink, they are a muted dark red.

My New Babies!
My New Babies!

I managed to buy the Adidas Supernova Glide 5s. I tried on the Energy Boost shoes and they were very well cushioned but the upper shoes were very light weight. I felt as if I would wear they out too quickly.

I wanted to try out the new Spring Blade shoes, but I can tell after just putting on one of them that they were not cushioned at all. They are perfect for practicing repeats or a very lightweight person who runs short distances fast (under a mile).  The store clerks said that they were made for a short burst of energy. They seem to be correct about that.

Midsole cushioning is very important, if you are a person who runs on the midsole. I tend to strike on my midsole more than I heel strike.  So it’s important to make sure that the cushioning is just right. . Also, if you have knee problem you need the most cushioning you can get.

Other things to think about when buying shoes is how far you will be running, do you have any injuries, do you wear insole or orthotics and do you over or under pronate (run with your feet going outward or inward).  High or low arches are also an issue for some people.  A podiatrist can help best with those issues.  Yes, I’m saying going to a doctor may help. I did.

I have normal arches there for most shoes are fine, but I do overpronate. This means I need some sort of insole or orthotics to fix my gait.

I noticed that many of the shoes come in different weights per the season. I think I will buy my shoes in the winter to get the sturdiest upper shoe. The mesh was very cushy. On my Supernovas, the mesh was very tough and sturdy. With my orthotics in them, they have the right amount of cushioning in the midsole. I need touch well cushioned shoes with a serious tread on the soles of the shoes that will not break down too fast. I am worried about the sturdiness of the shoes but these seem to be what I need for my heavy foot strike.

For now they are my new babies, ready to go on their maiden voyage.

ready to run
ready to run

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