Emotional training

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings
English: Managing emotions – Identifying feelings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I have been very emotional about everything. Normally, I would say it was just me being me. I am highly emotional. So much so that many of my friends are probably screaming at their computers or mobile devices. Hey, I’m just wired that way, but sometimes I get very emotional even for me.

When I speak of emotional training, I am talking about all of the emotion that you go through and take yourself through just during your training. These emotions shoe up even before you sign up for a race.

Setting my goals

I tend to set very high goals with the expectation that if I do not make them that I  will still do well, or well enough to be satisfied with the end result. I do not think it is a bad thing to aim high. I know myself well enough to realize that the impossible is just work and nothing else. It can happen if you really work towards the goal.

You must do the things you think you cannot do. — Eleanor Roosevelt

Emotional Calmness

Every time I try something new, I need to calm my nerves as I do it. Many times I need to steady my emotions and say,”calm, calm, calm. When I started running, I read this technique in a running book and I never forgot that, as it comes up quite frequently when I run in a crowded Park. Sometime it is anxiety control and sometimes it is confidence. Even running alone can be stressful if you feel as if you are not running up to you full potential. That is one of my goals this year to run more and up to my full potential. No matter how it turns out, I will have tried my best.


This brings me to bravery.  Every day that I go out to run it takes guts. I feel as if I have to be this fantastic runner because I am known for running. Truthfully, I love to run more than any other exercise and It really fuels my imagination.  I see myself running races having great times in a pack or just bursting out of a bunch of people and going it alone.

So often, I’m freaked out as I run in the Park. Sometimes I so not even know why I am freaked out. Most days it is fine. Lately, it is a non-issue as I ignore the little voice in their head. I think it is the one thing that you have to do when psyching yourself up to get in a good run. Most of us have to. There are days when you wimp out, but the days when you don’t are your defining ones.

Which bring up the question why is a run like a roller coaster?

The roller coaster

During my runs, I always start on a great note. I’m excited. I feel good starting my run. I have not gone very far yet and I am not emotional.  When you go up the first hill or past our first mile and things can turn on you. Sometimes you feel great and sometime not. It is up to your sense of well-being to kick in at that time so you can keep going. For some reason, if I make it past that first hurdle, I can keep going no matter what.

The next hurdle comes after you have been running for a while but you know that you need to run a little further. You distance goal was not met yet or your time goal  has not run out. This is just part of the mental training to enjoy the hard times during your race. Note these times and keep going for as long as you can tolerate it.  Then take a 10 second mental break if you have to and keep going after that. Some people cannot take a break, no worries, just keep going. I love the break. It keeps me sane. I gather my thoughts and get back my nerve to go again. Most of the time it is great.

The last part is the ending of your run. You see that the end is near and you get anxious. It is time to calm yourself down again and move on to the end. You will be happy and relieved is you do.

Sacrifice and Perseverance

Sacrifice and perseverance is when you want to be watching TV or sleeping or just not training. There are so many early morning or late nights when you are out running. There are many missed dinners at restaurants and even more sore muscles to nurse while others are having a great time.  But these are the defining moments that you remember on your way to your goal.

Being dedicated does not make you unhappy, it is your attitude towards your dedication that will make the difference. For example, when you diet, and people invite you to eat with them and there is nothing on the menu for you to eat, therefore you end up watching them eat. The people who took you to the restaurant in the first place, feel like you are sad and you may be that way, but it is for a good cause. You will be happier in the end when you reach your goal. It’s what it is all about.


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