Motivational return – Getting Back to Training After the Vacation

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My vacation was glorious but now I have to get bad to eating like I always did, less carbs, no alcohol and lots of working out. I went out for my initial run but quickly decided today to rest. I will get back into the training mode slowly. If I do not get myself back in slowly I will freak out and not be able to go all out.


Then there is still an issue with my knee. Ir has not healed yet and I’m not happy. I really am not a fan of doctors. They piss me off. They only do things that seem to hurt or complicate my health. Sometimes it works out. Other times it leaves me wondering what will happen to me in the next 10 years. Have you read those “side effects” o those medication bottles. Yikes!!! No not a fan!


Yes, people I get that it is necessary, but like in Star Trek V, I think it is still archaic. (Yes, I like Star Trek!)


But I have totally left the topic at hand. Getting back to your routine after vacation.


Eating well is the hardest thing to go back to. My advice is to ease back into it slowly , as not to seem as you are depriving yourself. Trust me.


Eating is a habit I need to break.


What I mean is this.  You can go back to exercising gradually and you can even go back to work, but forbidden food is hard to walk away from.


Picture this. I saw on a magazine a famous Celebrity and the caption of this magazine is “I want to be skinny now…help I cannot stop eating.” This is a common problem with food. You have to eat it every day (unless you are an Breatharian – eats air and prana) I know that starting and staying with a good diet is a process, one that you must do every day just like an addict. It seems to me that it is like an addiction where you overeat or stress eat or just eat wrong because of some outside reason from the food itself.


Ridiculous as it seems, I know many people who feel that way me included. I watch my weight so closely that if I gain 10 pounds I lose my mind and go screaming out of the bathroom, or curse out the scale (what did the scale ever do to me). Let’s not lie to ourselves, food is the issue. Eating unfamiliar food can cause weight gain. On vacation, you eat out at restaurants, and you eat foods you normally do not eat. If you go to an exotic location, this is the case more times than anything (unless yo live there). I love to try new foods and I am adventurous, but they are not on any of my calorie charts. Normally, I would say who cares, but I have invested so much time in my fitness regimen that I am going to keep it up.


Salads are great to eat, but pasta or peas and rice are things you do not want to pass up. Everything outside the US is probably not made with non-fat, low-fat foods. It was not until recently, that I started to see them in more of my travels. Nowadays most cities have many of the diet foods and they are even Organic, as GMOs have been banned most places in the world. This means that good food is available everywhere, it’s just the preparation that is different, than your own food.


Case in point I ate grouper, conch and cod fish all during my vacation. Grouper and conch are not easy to get here, but I can get them occasionally.  I ran every day of my vacation, but that is nothing unusual. When I left, I felt bloated and out of sorts. I ate very few bad things, but I ate too many starches and had alcohol at a party. Time to normalize my habits.


When I returned, I felt like taking a day off to re-orient myself so I did. I did not run tight away, but I have returned to my running. My eating was a process.  I ate salads, then got rid of the starches one day, and added more salad and vegetables and fruit instead of sugars the next day. Slowly, I bought my normal supply of food and I have started eating it.


This process will take a few days to settle into your home routine, but you should not beat yourself about this. If you gained it, you can lose it.


Don’t panic! Time heals all wounds… and sheds all pounds. And like you boss will say, “Get back to work!”





  1. I felt awful my first run back (it may have been the whole raw food thing), but I had to jump in headfirst with a triathlon this weekend. The good thing is that I never expect to win, so I will treat the race as another workout. I just want to feel good when I finish. I agree that it is hard to go back to healthy after ‘vacation eating’. I had mega stuff oreos last night and they were sooooo good!

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