More Summer Food – the Gourmet Edition


Recently I went on a short vacation to a lovely place in the Tropics. I am so mellow today that I am almost comatose. Good thing thought, as I was getting uptight.

I sat in the shade on the beach and got a great tan in the water. This was a head clearing, attitude adjusting experience.

I am happily at peace. But now I must reminisce the food that I ate. Mostly, I drank many tonic and lime drinks, as my drink of choice this week. In addition, I added various fruit drinks like passion fruit and mango to the list of beverages. It was fabulous. I ate many fish and vegetable dishes this week too, but everything was made with butter. I realized that even in the Caribbean there is still too much dairy and pork combining. It feels as if the powers that be are trying to kill us with   high fat causing food. I digress.

But I did have two delicious salads. One was a grouper Asian salad, and the other was a smoked conch salad.

Asian Grouper Salad


This salad has lettuce, mango, grilled grouper fillet, green pepper,tomato, onion and mandarin orange with a ginger sesame dressing. This was awesome. I am going to make this at home. I will not use  butter to pan fry the fish.

Smoked conch


This salad contains smoked thinly shaved conch, tomato, green onion, lettuce with wasabi mayonnaise. The chef at the resort made this special for our group. He said that it was not a popular dish but after eating it, I am not sure why it is not. The wasabi made the dish.

People! Anything with conch is awesome. I love conch. Especially cracked conch. So, I ate that many times also. It is a great shellfish with a mild taste and  if done correctly it can be soft and flavorful.

Through all of this food, I ran for most of the vacation. I did 2 – 3 miles in the morning. I only rested a few days other than the travel days. There was a great gym  on the property, so I worked off the calories. It was a very casual week.

I ate well on my vacation but that is over now. I realize that as of today, I am back in business. Tomorrow brings back the intensity of training and running my life.  I do recommend the down time.



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