Party Training

Drinks! (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

Though most people seem to be able to party outright, during the summer and train, which is fabulous, but I am feeling the pain. I’m a wimp! I love summer concerts in the Park, or at a venue in the City, dance parties anywhere, or just late night in the back yard. The time outside is not the problem, but the getting up early can be difficult.

I cannot figure out how to party, drink, and run early in the morning.  I have made a compromise on the drinking part. I have found a few drinks that will work for me during a party. These drinks are non-alcoholic, so all alcohol lovers beware. I need to do anything I can to get to my workout in the morning.

My first drink looks like a gin & tonic. This is my go to drink that I use anytime and no one looks at me like I am crazy.


1 glass of tonic

2 slice or wedge of lime

Enjoy! This simple drink is very refreshing during the summer and has very few calories. Drink many of them. You can substitute seltzer or club soda and add lemon if you like that instead of lime.

This drink looks like champagne but is much easier to purchase.

Sparkling Apple Cider

1 champagne glass of sparkling apple cider

! apple slice (Optional)

Ginger ale and peach

1 peach slice

1 champagne glass of ginger ale

This can have any other fruit added to it to make it festive. I used cherries, orange slices, apple slice, or a pear slice. Anything looks festive and elegant in a champagne.

The next drinks are great in the summer, but they are like beer.

GInger beer

1 beer glass of ginger beer

1 piece of ginger

These drinks look like red wine. They do not taste like wine, but they are still yummy.


1 glass of sorrel in a wine glass


Grape juice

1 glass of grape juice


This drink looks like run punch but it is easy to have a few of these and wake up in the morning.

Fruit Punch

1 part orange juice

1 part fruit juice

a splash of pineapple juice

add fruit, and a cherry

There are quite a few more non-alcoholic drinks that can be dressed up in martini glasses or margarita glasses. The point of this is to be able to feel like part of the party, and be able to get up the next day to run.

There is no way to ensure you are  getting enough sleep, when you are out at a party and not sleeping.  This is a whole other issue. For that, you are on your own.


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