Athlete lifestyle

Swimsuit from Cole of California
Swimsuit from Cole of California (Photo credit: Center for Jewish History, NYC)

I noticed one woman who was walking by the beach the other day in a two piece bathing suit. She was your typical short, curvy, slightly over-weight woman, but still beautiful. Now for me, I am very self-conscious about my body and my weight, but she  seemed to be  very carefree and relaxed. I stopped and smiled at her.

As I went to sit with my Mom and her friend, my Mom commented,”why is she wearing a bathing suit like that? I could never wear one like that.” So I replied,”I am self-conscious too, but she seems perfectly happy.” My Mom’s friend said,”she even seems proud about how she looks.” I agreed. “That’s  an awesome place to be. If she’s good I can work with that. No one can stop her now. Go You!” We laughed.

This made me think about why I was and am motivated to live the lifestyle that I do. It annoys everyone around me. I live a very athletic lifestyle. My life revolves around my daily running schedule, my meals and rest periods. Even on a vacation, I think of these three things. I wake up and run, then I work out for 30 minutes or more, and then I eat.  The rest of my day is free after that unless I do my evening routine, which has more workout and cardio, usually cycling and drills.

This does not seem like a problem for me most of the time, but it means that my life starts at 5am most days.  Also, this will mean that I will not be partying into the night or eating after 7:30pm in the evening.  Let’s just say that I have many friends who do not have this schedule. It annoys then to no end that I am this regimented, but I stay on my schedule because it works for me.

Every now and then I vary and go off with certain friends to eat or listen to a concert and though it is very enjoyable, I pay for it in the morning when I’m on the road, doing my thing. to many days of their schedule and I’m a mental mess, grumpy and cursing under my breath.

This has never happened to me before because I have never found a schedule that has worked so well for me or a regimen that has been so intense. I am living the lifestyle of an athlete. That must be it, because everyone else seems to be peering in at me  with a question, “why are you doing this?” My answer, “because I love it.”



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