Flat Liners

English: Undulating grassland A change from th...
English: Undulating grassland A change from the generally flat arable terrain encountered today, rolling small hills above the Blackadder Water – all that is missing are the Teletubbies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After having a very provocative week at the beach, I am back to training in the City streets.  Somehow, running on the flats in my area seems more difficult than hills sometimes. I feel the stress of running on flats after running my hilly course or at the beginning in anticipation of the hills.

One thing that puzzles me is that I do not like hills, so why are the flats stressing me out. Yes! I am stressed.

This time of the year, I start my training on flat terrains to get up my endurance. For some reason when I’m running in the Park, the most difficult part seems to be the most flat. I am not sure if it is because I use the hills as an extra exertion and I relax on the down hills or if there is just less movement on flat surfaces because it is all the same level. I am not sure why this is so for me.

I find that running on flats helps me to run further. The further I can go on a relatively flat terrain the further I can race.

Next steps for me happen when I run through the streets to stay on the flatter surfaces, which are flat in comparison to the hilly Park. I have a specific route I take, which has very few up or down grades.

Once I start my run in the morning I will need to do this as many times as I can this week. The more I repeat this 2 mile route the better. One day I will do my run to perfect my form, another to help my speed, and yet another slow and deliberate mileage. Hopefully this will get me back in the saddle with running a flatter course. My race in November will not be hilly.

I will do a 4 to 6 mile distance each time on the flat route, but I have to start small, (one mile out and one mile back) then run further and further. But, I will not beat myself up literally if all does not go as planned. Training season is upon us. Hopefully, this will get easier as the weather cools down.

My thought though is that I cannot cut out hills as they help with speed as well. I will have to offset my flat training with hills repeats 2 times a week. I will let the hills work their magic on my speed. After about a month of this I can scale back to just doing this once a week and hopefully between that and the flats I will be able to get back to my regular schedule at a decent speed.

Summer training is great if you can stay well and keep cool. Happy running.

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  1. I read that even though flat seems easier, its not always because you are working the same muscles the whole time. I may be doing a full marathon next February and its mostly flat and I thought this would be a good first marathon but after reading that I not so sure….BUT I’m still going to do it.

    1. Yes, you should do it. The flats are sometimes very easy for some. Just like running downhill is very easy for me but very difficult for quite a few of my friends. I think we all have our preferences. That first Marathon will be great no matter where it is. Enjoy the journey.

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