Beach Running

Surfer Woman is Surfing in Bikini
Surfer Woman is Surfing in Bikini (Photo credit:

After a short hiatus from the heat, I decided to return to my office. I went to beach to relieve myself from the 1000 degree heat that plagued my area for weeks. I have never felt so hot. I have visited the Sahara and I do not remember being that uncomfortable there.

I saw on a store front in the CIty, “Hell called, they want their weather back.” I feel, they can have it back indefinitely. Everyone hated the weather lately.

But I digress.

I noticed a trend during the heatwave, that is predictable but funny, women were running on the beach in their bikinis. It seemed to be mostly women who ran barefooted, but it was not limited to that.

Now, fundamentally this does not seem like a big deal, but it can go south fast if you know what I mean. First I saw just one woman, so I figured it was just her thing. Then I saw 4 more. After that, I just stopped counting. The men were happy but I figured these guys were just trying to bring in the cool. It was morning and it was hot.

Though most of the women did not have a bounce issue, there is a difference between a jog bra and a bikini top.  I think that they did not realize the issue at hand. There are many strict decency laws in my are and everyone I know has a phone with a camera. Not that there is anything wrong with nudity, but as I always say,”pictures on the internet are forever!” While you are shoving your private bits back in the bikini, people are just rude enough to snap pictures or take video and put it on Youtube. Just sayin!

I think that the earlier you run on the beach the better the run will be. Being barefoot is great for many people as it can be difficult to run in running shoes on the shifting sand. There are water shoes or light sandals that will work as well, but I think that trial and error will help you to see, if you can actually run at the beach. I know from my experience that the beach is too unstable a surface for me to run on, but many people feel better on soft surfaces. Soft surfaces save your joints from extreme shock, but sometimes it makes me feel very lethargic and bogged down. It is hard to move and keep moving. More power to the people who can do it.

Now I know that women do many summer sports in bikinis like volleyball,  surfing and badminton on the beach but running may be pushing the boundaries a little.Though no one spilled out and the only Youtube probably was the women running, it was an uneventful day at the beach. I cannot speak for other parts of the beach, but happily for me, there were no issues this week and no fervor that was not intentional. After all it is the beach.



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