Staycation Day 2
Staycation Day 2 (Photo credit: Nostepinne)

Though it has not happened yet, one day I hope to go on vacation again. Since being laid off I have known that vacation would be cancelled. But my staycation will be just as eventful.

While I travel it is difficult if not sometimes impossible to exercise and train. Most of my travels were to go to run road races. That meant that at one point or another I will be doing some form of exercise. When I travel, I  make sure that the hotel that I stay at has wi-fi, high speed internet, 24 hour room service or a restaurant and a gym. I am getting pickier by the day though. What some hotels call a gym is nothing more than a couple of treadmills and a few free weights.   I need more than that especially since more people use the gym now than ever before.

I went to a hotel in Atlantic City and each morning I wanted to train for about an hour each morning. I tried to get that whole thing started early in the morning but the gym only opened at 8am. A similar thing happened to me when I went to a hotel in Las Vegas, where the focus is obviously on gambling. I have a feeling that I should spend my money elsewhere because my needs are not met in those places.

Most mornings in a safe destination that I am familiar with, I get up early and I run before the heat and sun make it miserable to do so. I try to run with others if possible but if running alone I run cautiously as if I were in the middle of the City. After a few days of running, I can assess the safety of my route and I take the safest route I can with the most people on them during my runs. If there were no safe havens to run in or it was too hot a climate, I would run inside the gym.

I like to run while on vacation at least 5 days a week. I try to hit the gym for 20 minutes after to cool down and get some strength training in. If I run inside, I stay in the gym for about an hour or more each time. On days when I have time, or I feel particularly bloated, I may go to the gym twice. You can never have too many times to exercise.

So far, on m stay cation, I have been running in the Park. If the weather holds I will continue to run and exercise like I do on vacation. But mostly, I will remember to rest.


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