Under there, Under wear

Underwear 01
Underwear 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During my work out the other day I was speaking to my trainer and he said to me that most runners wear the shorts with the mesh inserts in them and wear no underwear with them,  to which I replied “no way!” So I thought about it and I have to ask, am I the only one who wears exercise underwear (or whatever you call them, athletic boxers or running briefs) and a running bra (or jog bra). I just assumed that since they were out there that people utilized them fully. Maybe I’m wrong.

Seriously, I cannot run without the proper under garments. They determine the comfort or lack there of,of my run, and are the only necessities other than my running shoes. Though I like compression shorts, the other kind of running shorts do not hinder my run. Even my lack of proper dri-fit shirt will not stop me from running, unless the weather is extreme (I am a wimp, the weather will stop me every time). I try to dress appropriately for the weather, when I run outside.

I do not wear the jog bra alone, without a shirt,  so I tend to wear built-in ones or a mesh shirt in the summer. I prefer medium support to max support depending on the structure of the bra. As for the under wear, I like when they are not soaked with sweat. I shiver thinking about it. However, I noticed it’s just me as I see many people in the park soaked beyond belief after a run.

I know women who wear their regular bras to jog and they are bouncy. Even better there are women who wear medium support bras and they need a well structured maximum support bra.

Some of my favorite brands of underwear are Champion USA, Jockey, Under armor and Road Runner Sports.  They make fantastic underwear for long runs and long races. I am not sure there is a real difference between any of the brands of underwear , but you should try them for yourself before settling on a specific brand.

Other brands that I like for women are Moving Comfort, Isis and Athleta. There are made specifically for women and they fit well on our bodies. One thing you don’t want is a wedgie while you run. Also you do need not to bounce or jiggle inappropriately when you are doing a long run. It’s hard enough to do the distance without the added stress on your body. I do not care what any of the “studies” say, I think that wearing a bra is a good thing and comfortable if you have the correct one.

After my long argument for wearing underwear, I realized that I was curious if people actually wore them or if  my trainer was correct. Realistically speaking, it does not matter I will continue to wear them.

Though I may be alone in my quest for great underwear, I know that when I find the Holy Grail of jog bras or athletic briefs I will wear happily.




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