Musical note
Musical note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I updated my running playlist. It was old ad boring like my routine, so I had to do something about it. Some people do not use music when they run, but quite a few of us do! It colors the mood of my entire run, especially long runs. When I run I like to listen to upbeat music. It does not have to be any one genre, but I do tend to listen to Pop or R & B music. Also, it’s great to mix Latin and Caribbean music in with the list occasionally for some contrast. A few times I listened to classical music when I needed to calm myself down during a particularly hard run.

Some days the music is so good that I have to fight to keep from dancing while I run. Then there are some days I do not resist the temptation (especially at 5am when I am alone). It scares the riffraff.

I try to use the music to keep a pace when running, but most of the time the music can pace me at a slow pace (12 minute mile).  It seems that I cannot go faster than a 10 minute mile when I listen to music, but there are many runners who claim that they can run as fast as a 8 minute mile.  I am working on it.

It’s really not working.

Most road races do not like runners to use headphones because it can hinder the ability to hear any instructions. Headphones keep you in your own little world, which can be a good and a bad thing. On the positive, if it is a long distance race and you are in any pain, you can try to ignore it by getting into the music. On the negative, you cannot hear any emergency around you, or any runners trying to pass you. For most of my races, I do not use headphones unless I am running to participate or just experience the race. When I am competing or trying to get a new, personal record (PR) I have to run without headphones. I do keep them nearby but I do not listen to them.

With that said it is difficult to carry your music device unless you have a proper pocket or a pouch of some sort. I have a few that I use but for the last year, I have used minimal pouches. I hesitate to say the brand that I use because it has become very popular lately. With that said, I like the brand I use. (iFitness, ha! I said it.) I like to keep it very minimal when I run so I can concentrate on my form and monitor any injuries I have.

Though music distracts from any aches and pains it does keep me motivated. Her are my top 10 motivational songs of the moment. It changes very frequently but I am never bored.

1. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train

2. 22 – Taylor Swift

3. I love it – Icona Pop

4. Titanium – David Guetta

5. Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

6. Die Young – Ke$ha

7. Evacuate the Dance Floor – Cascada

8. Gangnam Style – PSY

9. Yeah – Usher

10. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Hey, these selections are not perfect, but they got me through my many runs and sometimes a few recoveries. After running with these selections today in the hot sun and cooling down in the shade I feel they have served me well. Good running out there, all!



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