Red, White and Blue

I have thought for a long time about why it is sometime difficult to get out, and feel great about yourself while exercising. Sometimes I feel fat while I am out there trying to run.

There is a lot of pressure to succeed in your diet. I always wanted to be one of those runners who just would go out and run and enjoy their run. Laboring because you are too heavy. As I run through the Park, I imagine that I empathize with Godzilla, as he stomped through Tokyo.

If the only thing that fits you for exercising is your underwear it’s a problem. TIme to get back on the horse and take control of your life. After all, you have to live with yourself.

I know a few college athletes who are still relying on their team coach for their well-being both mental and physically. They depend on them for diet and exercise recommendations, which is not a bad thing but at that age they need to start getting to know what to do on their own. This would be taking control of their lives on one level, just like Janet Jackson did when she was growing up in her late teens. It’s the right thing to do when you need to preserve your body from the multiple injuries you get from Sport.

I feel a song coming on. Or maybe a ridiculous musical number where a bunch of runners dance on benches in Central Park. But instead, I am going to give out my all time favorite July 4th dessert. It is not 100% low fat but it is about as close as I get during the holidays.

You will need a small 8 oz cup, blueberries, strawberries, low fat whipped cream, non-fat milk, stevia sweetener and angel food cake.


Here is how to put it together.

Add a piece of angel food cake to the bottom of the glass and push down to mold it to the bottom of the glass.

Add 2 tsp of non-fat milk to the cake to moisten it.

Add a layer of whipped cream (eyeball it)

Add the blueberries to a bowl and sweeten them to taste, then add them to the glass on top of the whipped cream layer

Add another layer of whipped cream

Add the strawberries to a bowl and sweeten them to taste, then add then add them to the glass on top of the whipped cream layer

Add more fresh strawberries to the top.


Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it!


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