The Training Plan

July 4th Fireworks
July 4th Fireworks (Photo credit: Sri Dhanush)

While I worked out with my trainer today, I realized that this is July already. I was mentally still in June. My training plan for the summer has not even been a consideration. This is highly unusual as I am usually getting myself ready for a race. This year I do not have one planned until November.

I decided not to do a Marathon this year, but next year I’m IN! It’s on like Donkey Kong! Just kidding guys. I’m lucky if I can get there in one piece. My knee continues to hut but much less every day. I may be back to running normally in a few weeks.

Because it is July, it is time for me to get to running some races. I figure I should start with races in Brooklyn, then work my way to my goal, the Walt Disney World Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder I should be able to run well. Will Hough, my trainer has helped me to get stronger and get my strength training under control. Now I need to do the diet and run part.

My training plan is fairly simple, run a few 13.1 mile races before Disney‘s race. There’s actually more to this plan, but here is the method to my madness. Corral A here I come…maybe.

First I am going to focus on consistently running 4-6 miles. Then, I’m going to add more mileage to my schedule every week. My 13 milers will all be races and practices closer to race month. I will not do a major taper but I will rest 3 days and just keep myself injury free through all of this.

The injury free part is in jeopardy as my knee is still annoying me. I am hoping for a good run in the few races that I will register for. I am going to have to invest in running shoes. Fortunately, I do have time to survey some great candidates from all of the major shoe companies (Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc).  I will try them on this week while I draw up my plan to get my body to do 13.1 miles.

Once I nail down the running gear, I will work on the actual running plan. I will have to plan days off, cross training days, speed work and tempo runs. This makes for a very busy running week. I plan to run 4 days during the week and then the weekend. Of all of these days, I will have to fit in all of the elements of training (speed work, tempo run, fartlek, cross training).  There will be many weeks where I will not be able to do a lot of mileage. I want to keep it low so I can ease my joint pain. I love the training part because, when I train, it can be solitary.  I can clear my head while doing something great for my body. Somedays it is the most peaceful, zen experience. The same can be said for walking or cycling.

Very late in the training, I will be doing practice races to get used to running with people. It will be very difficult to transition from a solitary runner to on in a race with many runner both new and experienced, who may or may not know important road runner etiquette.

There are so many factors when you run a race (unless you are a Kenyan in front of the pack).  If you are not a front runner your experience can vary, depending on where you are in the race. There will be breaks and crowding and crazy people running everywhere. Hopefully they will notice that you are a person too and they will not hurt. Even the last person has an experience (it’s my worst nightmare but it did happened once before) and sometimes it’s an award for being last (oh the horror).

Things will get a little tight on the road at times or sometimes lonely, if you get into a break in the crowd.  You have to pay attention to all of the humanity around you and on the side lines.  Practice races are the only way to go to get used to these things and they are fun.

Lastly, I will have to work on my diet. This week is a bust. I am eating very little salad. I just need more vegetables in my life. Leafy greens will be chips. Vacations will be opportunities to enjoy healthy living. Next week will be perfect. Next week, my house guests will be gone from the house and I will be back into my schedule. Holidays are difficult to keep your schedule. I will miss my running on Friday due to the fact that.

Those darn chocolate chips and cupcakes will not get me this year.



  1. Sounds like you’re on your way to a plan. 🙂 There are loads of great HM plans online as well (starting with the Half Higdon one, which I used last summer and liked).

    And I hear you on the diet. :p More difficult than the running for me. But I’m certain you can do it! Just look forward to the prerace carb loading. 😉

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