Empathy (Photo credit: TonZ)

This morning as I was training my Personal trainer, who is an awesome person in his own right, I realized that to train someone as whiny as I am, you need a lot of empathy. Empathy helps you keep going when the whiny girl complains as she struggles to do the workout.

I realize that people train a lot harder than I do, but I am beginning to realize my mortality. Why is this a big deal? It is a big deal because I have always felt invincible to a degree because I ran. I figure I can run away from anything.

When I was in High School, we were at a game Cheerleading in a rough neighborhood.  I was there at the game in my cute skirt, saddle shoes and carrying my pompoms.  I did not feel too bad because I knew in my heart that if something went down I was gone. I would out run anything. And I did just that. People started fighting and gun shots rang out and before you could say ,”Where is she,” I had run 4 city blocks to the train station. I left everyone behind. I outran the men’s football team, the men’s basketball team and the men’s track team except for one sprinter who I caught up to at the station. That was not bad for the mile runner.

Cool! Yes, I thought that was a sign of great things to come, except that adrenaline was the cause of my success.

Back to my mortality. I do have certain issues that have never come up before. I am beginning to get arthritis in my joints and possibly my knee, the same on that is injured now.  This could be a show stopper  if I let it. My thoughts is the there are ways to stop arthritis because there are many people living with it. It may be time I investigate that. Also, my foot and knee injury occur every year that I train. I believe that they are signs of overuse when I start to ramp up my training for my races.

I used to train myself very hard but as I get older I am wondering if it will still work for me. I keep wondering when do you throw in the towel or do I just defiantly spit in the face of old age and tell it to go @#$% itself.

After my training session today that’s to my Ultra hyper-DOD military personal trainer, I feel it is the latter. “Old age, go @#$% yourself.”” I am not amused!”

My trainer Will told me of his story of when he was in Iraq, guarding so military convoys and a roadside bomb went off and killed all of the people in his party but him.  He was left there and came to after a while. He got his gun killed off the enemy and took many prisoners (I am not sure how many but it was a lot and it is a published true story). On top of all of that he still bikes and runs and swims. Insane but true. He did a 100 mile bike race the other week and came back and trained clients.

Needless to say, I feel like a total whimp! I guess I should have gone to boot camp when I had the chance. But some of us are lovers not fighters at heart. There is room in this world for all of us. This is why empathy is a good trait. He has tons of it after all he has been through in his life. He’s a superstar, but he comes by and patiently trains me every week. Every week I feel like I cannot go on, but he motivates me. I get stronger and run my races.

Every year it continues. I may never throw in that towel. I just need to be kind to myself and enjoy the ride.



  1. You sound like you have a stellar trainer, and maybe that makes you binary stars.

    Feeling age, it sometimes helps to ask what I’m training for. For you, “racing” sounds like the fast answer. Anything else, though? If you have some criteria set by you, for the many types of races in your life, then you are in control of the goals while age is in control of providing you with the course, the weather, and different, temporary obstacles. The aging race is analogical to running races.

    What does prevailing mean in the age race, where many say running slower is winning? Answering this so matters. I believe it is possible that one day I will be running very, very slowly, with a gait that looks like someone hit my knees and ankles with hammers. On that day, when I hobble into my house, my goal will be that whoever meets me will see a peaceful warrior’s resolve in my eyes. Then I’ll know my training has been on course. May it always be for each of us.

    1. That was an awesome and inspiring commentary. I needed that! It is try that I love racing and that I am getting very slow (or slower than I ever imagined), but I will have to adopt your philosophy shortly as it is inevitable. I will be that 90 year old out there on the course. 🙂 I hope you will be there too. You have a great outlook on this. Thank you.

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