Sweet socks

New Socks
New Socks (Photo credit: The Marmot)

I thought I would take it light today since I feel a little down about my knee. In a few more days I should be able to get back on the road. I went walking today but it is not the same thing as a good run.

I wanted to write about one of my favorite things, fun running gear.

Socks are the first things that are made to enjoy. I love to buy a couple black or white plain socks at the beginning of the season in the spring, but then I go to my favorite sock companies to see what is new for the season. Defeet (www.defeet.com) used to make very whimsical running socks with faces, flowers and smiley faces.

It was a different era of socks and running, but I still wear the socks. I have not moved on. They make me very happy, patriotic or amused as I run through the streets or in a race. I love their old flag series that came out around 9/11. It was the most interesting sock collection at the time and there are still some great pieces in the collection today. Some of the socks are down right comical. I have anything from Corporate specific socks like Ben & Jerry’s to smiley faces with tongues hanging out and still other that say run on them. I always thought of these socks a good luck and I figure it was something to look at as I passed by. The compliment the cool running shoes that I like to get.

As of now the Defeet  sock line of running socks are fairly standard, which is why I turn to the cycling air-eator line of socks that are much more whimsical. I guess the runners are not buying cute socks anymore. Everyone seems to be into those compression socks, which may be great in the colder months but in the summer I think you need to dress light. Form and function are important in finding self entertaining in your socks. The cycling socks seem to be what I am looking to purchase to spruce up my sock collection.

Another company that I have worn in the past is the Sock Guy (www.sockguy.com). They seem to have great designs for this years socks. For women they have masks and darts and stars, socks for a cause and even a bad kitty. I love  subtlety of the designs and the fun colors. They have one of the largest varieties of socks I have seen. I definitely want to buy those bad kitty socks. They speak to me!

Pearl Izumi (shop.pearlizumi.com) has great running socks as well with interesting graphics on them. They are both cycling and running socks. They are colorful but there are not many of them offered on their website. They are thick or very cushioned which is great for long runs. Some of the socks are very long, and I feel that they are too warm to run in during the summer months, but they are great for the cooler months.

Great socks a just a mood alterer. They make me laugh, and they make me feel competitive. They even make me nostalgic. They are small but necessary to the runner or cyclist, but they can be fun.

As I always say, you can never have too many socks.


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