Food Fest




Summer is the most fun and treacherous time for food and eating. Outside of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s food celebration block.

In summer most of my calories are drink and dessert related. I love beer, wine, tequila and anything that ends in ‘rita or ‘tini. I’m female and mixed drinks are fun, especially the pretty colored ones. They remind me of a vacation in the Caribbean (which I could use right not but I digress).

Yes! Coronas, Tequila and Lime, dessert are memories of the Caribbean! Also shaved ices and ice cream. (I am jealous of anyone reading this from some beach somewhere.)

The last time I thought of Ice cream I made ice milk and frozen yogurt. Making alcohol low-fat is if not impossible, difficult.

I try every day to eat well. Breakfast is easy to do with the oatmeal, fruit or  egg option.  I realized that Lunch and dinner would be the challenges. One of my big weaknesses is grains like rice. I love rice and pasta and many summer salads have those grains in them. For my body I have to limit them. I realize that the way that I metabolize them makes me very prone to the sugar spike that they can cause. Then I get the obligatory fatigue in the end of the work day. Luckily for me I am not working as such yet, so I could nap.

Lunches and dinner in the summer consist of a salad and a protein. That may not be interesting but it keeps me out of trouble.

Back to the beer. Maltose is a sugar in beer. Sugar is not the greatest friend to my body, so I have to keep watch on how much I add with beer. It is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, I will not drink to excess and on the other hand I cannot get “my buzz on” when I drink. Enter the tequila shots. I always try to pretend that the Agave will make tequila better for me but all is not quite so true. Tequila is about 97 calories per shot (1.5 oz). If you have a few, it can add up fast. Then if you add your beer approximately, 187 calories (Corona), you have a calorie party. After a few martinis the same is true.  I have to run 6 marathons back to back to get my weight under control (not that I would, I am not insane today).

Now the new trend of Skinny girl drinks helps, but it is still deceptive. Most of these are about 80 – 100 calories per drink. Moderation! That old mantra keeps coming back to haunt me. No matter, I need to focus on my weekend recovery anyway. Recovery always gets me into trouble. If you can dream of chocolate cake and tequila you may eat and drink it.

Well, at least I had fun!

Back to the calorie count I go. I think trying to keep count may drive you crazy but is one of the many ways to keep your weight stable

I do try to drink healthy but cocktails are generally not healthy. I am wondering if carrot juice and rum is still an unhealthy combination. Or maybe I should ponder banana, celery and pineapple with vodka. I guess adding fruit and vegetables does not make it any more healthy.  But, I will count the amount that I have this weekend so that I will not kill myself tomorrow trying to make up for my transgressions.

Here some thoughts to live by for the summer:

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t make summer about guilt.

Stay healthy.

Be Happy as often as possible.

and lastly…

It is the weekend and it is 5 o’clock somewhere.


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