That Time of the Training

Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ...
Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ligaments. (Lateral meniscus and medial meniscus are cartilage.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I went for a run and I felt totally off my game. I felt it coming on, but I ignored as I know it is really “that time or the training.” At this point of my training, I go through my allergy issues, which usually stop me from doing many runs, but this year I have it under control. My runs have been consistent and continue daily. This is about the time that I ramp up my training to doing two times a day, but it comes at a price. I have to either worry about my foot or my knee.

This time it is my knee. This means that I need to do twice as long cool down and possibly take anti inflammatants to get rid of the pain.

Today I ran into this issue (pun intended). As I went out to run up the hill, I felt the left knee tightening.  This knee has bothered me before but not lately. I used to think it was due to my weight, but I have lost the weight. I am feeling bloated today, but that does not make a difference in my weight. No matter about my weight now, my left knee hurts.

I came in and iced my knee with iced bottle of water, then I immediately massaged my knee in areas that would not hurt it or move the knee cap. After I did stretches so I could make my

Then I used my Softball to roll out the back of my calf, hamstring, glutes and lower back. I will probably use my softball again shortly.

After working on my knee and whining for an hour, my knee still hurt, so I took an Advil. That’s how I roll. I hate pain!

I did a second round of stretching. Then for my afternoon work out I decided to look up what to do for this issue and see if there were any stretches or exercises to do. My first thoughts were leg lifts and calf raises but I knew there was more to be done for this injury.

In a “Runner’s World article, they called it Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome.  They said, (, it was difficult to pinpoint the cause but it may be biomechanical or muscular causes for this issue. You may have bad tracking on your joints or knees that turn in or out. Also, it can be tight hamstrings and calves or weak quadricepts.

Another article in about .com Runner’s Knee by Christine Luff ( gave me a few more things to consider too. It said, Runner’s knee (also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome) is usually caused by weakness in the middle quadriceps muscles and tight hamstrings or IT bands. You may also be at risk if you overpronate (your feet roll inward) when you run.” I happen to overpronate and my running shoes are on their last leg. My new shoes may be the only hope for now. They are light but  I am going to have to figure out the cushioning issue.

Their solution was to do forward lunges, straight leg – leg lifts, stretching the hamstrings, cross training and replacing your running shoes. One thing is screaming out at me. My running shoes…yes. That is something I need to deal with soon. I will also have to crosstrain until my knee feels a little better.

Though this makes me feel a little anxious, I have gone through this before, and it will happen again if I am not aware of my environment and my health.

Runner’s knee is not a show stopper for good, but I will be monitoring my knee closely. Queue the dramatic violins!



  1. Consider trying acupuncture as well, to help relax the muscles contributing to the dysfunction. In those exercises, you might try extremely long count reps, barely-moving, keeping good form, and flooding the muscles and connective tissues with plenty of blood supply.

    1. I am too much of a whimp for Acupuncture, but I can have them do acupressure. I see where that may help. I will avoid physical therapy though. It is too much. I do love the exercise suggestion. I think it will help to get my knee going again.

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