The Build up

Types of muscle (shown at different magnificat...
Types of muscle (shown at different magnifications) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am starting my training for my half marathon in November.  I am having my usual trouble doing the increasing my distance. As it stands, I can do 4 miles with no issue, but I seem to bottom out at 2 miles or so.  For the last week, I have been running between 2 – 3 miles at a run.

This means that I am going to have to employ one of my tricks to get me to do more distance, Some times I run twice in one day. I call them 2-fors.  It is kind of like a running 2 for 1 sale. The 2-for is when you just go out to run two times in the same place that is stale.  You deliberately do whatever mileage 2 times in one day. It seems to equal total greater mileage because it gives me a boost to run farther.

Today, I was demotivated due to muscle soreness. It’s funny my trainer thinks that muscle soreness is a good thing because it means that muscles are working. I just felt tired and stiff. But, I went out to run anyway. It usually makes me cheerful and upbeat.

Another trick I use to get my mileage up is a run/walk technique, or even just a fast walk. As long as I can go 6 miles I can get more in and I will get up to my target 13.1.  I just go out and when I feel like stopping, I both stop and walk or I stop and psych myself back into a run. Some days are harder than others. Today was one of the bad ones.

So, I went out this morning and it was soggy and humid out. There was no sun so I started on the 3 mile loop of the park. After 2 miles, I lost my will to run so I turned on to the trails that are pavement and I ran. I was able to shadow a runner for most of my run, but when I went down the trail, I had to be careful and run slowly. It was nota bad run. In all I did about 4 miles just tricking myself into it. I will have to try again tomorrow to see if I cannot do two loops of the Park.

It was a great morning but it was so steamy and when I got home.  I felt fatigued and my cool down was slow. Stretches were in order until it started to rain on me.  It was a soggy end to a humid run. I stretched and used my softballs on my back then I ate my breakfast.  Eating will be half of my battle.

Tomorrow is another day to run. I don’t usually run in the rain but when I do it, I take it easy. Run easy my friends.



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