We fall down! But we get up!


Ageism sucks!
Ageism sucks! (Photo credit: MC Speedy)


As I contemplate my next move in my ever complicated life, I run into an old nemesis, ageism. I never thought that it would happen, as I do not look my age due to great genes (thank you Mom).

Sometimes I feel like I should just go into a retirement home. I remember my Mom saying that you have only 18 years to be a kid, then after that, you are an adult for the rest of your life. I did the calculations and figured that I could possibly be an adult for about 50 years. To me this meant that the age of 19 would be my last dramatic threshold that I would pass until I retire. Not so, as anyone who are over 20 will attest to. But why is there so much heaviness after 40? What are the differences between the ages other than the superficial, exterior appearances?

Most people are young at heart until you become ill or injured, most people can keep their youthful demeanor. Not much has changed for me since my days of my youth. Between my activities and my younger friends activities, I am the more active.  That’s not to say they will not be more active at a later day, but I will not give up and be sedentary. I run marathons! I am still me.

This revelation appeared when I decided to look into an activity or alternative job to do while I was job hunting. My boss due to budget cuts separated me from my position at my company. I am keeping myself busy while I try to figure out my next steps. This is not going well.

As I collect rejections for new positions, I am keeping my options open as to what I want to do. This brought me to a casting for a commercial. To my surprise, they only wanted serious experienced runners, who were 19. Yes, quite a few people qualify, but really! I keep running into that issue in my job search too.  It seems, the people I was dealing with thought that life ends after 25 that you are of no use to society and you are irrelevant. I am able to do anything that I did when I was 20. Now, I have experience too.

I was optimistic when I was let go that many people would want to work with me and that my years in the business meant some thing. It does not.

It does not make me happy to be put in the irrelevant category especially by people in my age group. Whether they admit it or not the people behind these decisions are not 25.  If they were they would be call deliberately ageist. Ageism is everywhere in this society. Oddly enough, I used to feel the same way at 5, but now it is affecting me financially. Now I will continue on, looking for my place in society (or getting every boy scout help me cross the street).

I decided not to add my name to the casting. I do not want to “fight the powers that be.” I am hoping that one day, the 30 or 40 year old marketing department will decide that 40 year olds and above are not disgusting to look at or unable to be appealing enough to sell the same things that we buy. That’s correct we buy them too.

Just to bring the point home, I hope people remember we all age or we die. You may be my age one day, and then you will have to deal with the nonsense I am dealing with now. Or maybe we will all evolve by that time. My wish is that you never have to deal with this. Ever!



  1. I can thoroughly simpathize at the moment.I am dealing with it as well especially in administrative positions. To be brutally honest the young ones have neither the experience or patience to deal with half the situations and business snafus that we can.

    1. My whole point is that they need to hire the people who can do the job and pay us well. Things would go smoother. The bottom line savings is very temporary. You would probably rock that job, but they will not give you the chance to prove it!

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