National Running Day 2013


Today, June 5th was National Running Day, one of my favorite days of the year, not to be confused with World Run day. I wanted to write something short about it because I look forward to see what events will take place on this day.

National Running Day is when people all over the US and probably other areas in North America get out and run a few miles in support of a healthy life styles. This day also includes people who walk in its events. I suppose they should have a National Walking Day too.

The premise is to run or walk separately or in larger groups and celebrate. The only thing missing is a large race with medals. I love medals.I ran by myself as always, in the morning around the Park and I felt so happy. My goal today was to enjoy my run and not worry about  speed or distance. This was my run day. The day I luxuriate (is that a word) in my running experience. And I did. I ran a couple of miles and I cut back across the park to complete my run. By the time I finished, more people came into the Park.  It was getting full of excited runners, walkers who were doing their loop, and many dog walkers doing what they do in the Park. It was a pleasant run day for me. I hope to have many more.

Online there were many give-a-ways from running shops and websites. I did a few of the contests and give-a-ways then decided that it was best to sit back and enjoy the online activity.  I wanted to enjoy the day reading about all of the events around the country. It is always fun to get new things so I bought a pair of running shoes finally.

In New York City, in both Central Park in Manhattan, and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, there are many runs and races with the ever fantastic after party at a nearby restaurant. There is nothing better than hanging out with a few runners in a Pub. The conversation is great and we get to commiserate over our various experiences on the road. Runners are a happy bunch so there is rarely a bad time to be had. Today was a great day.

I always feel so happy that I run and that I can continue to run. It’s a blessing.

The question to answer was why do you run?

My answer changes as often as the weather. After many years of struggling to run and not getting the speed or the distance that I wanted I have resigned myself to do what suits me. I will never be an Ultra runner. I may never make it to the Olympics (well I can fly there on a plane but that is the extent of my participation), but I can still run and enjoy being a part of the sport.

I run because I love to eat. I run to live. I run because it’s fun. There are so many reasons to run. The best reason to run is the one you have for it.




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