Displacing the Pounds

English: Typical Atkins diet meal
English: Typical Atkins diet meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my Politically Correct, ultra metaphysical friends reminded me of what the phrase “losing weight” may mean esoterically. If you lose something, you might find it again. So now I say either “Displaced weight,” or “weight management.” It all means the same thing…I want the extra pounds to go away and never return.

With that said, you should know that weight management is something that I have to do every single day. I made a conscious choice to keep the pounds off, so I can enjoy my life. I can wear what I want and run. Sometimes I remember how my shoes did not fit because they were too tight.

Even as we speak I am planning to go through another round of my special diet that I took from the book, “The 17 Day Diet” by Dr. Mike Moreno. This diet allows you to customize the way you eat. My theory is that a Doctor is much more knowledgeable on health and diet than I am, but I know my body better (since I do live with it). I was right because I lost over 144 pounds on the diet.

Before I started on this diet, I went to my Doctor for a check up and I mentioned the diet. I bought the book and skimmed the pages to see if I liked the theories behind the diet plan. It seemed not too outrageous to do. There was no drinking shakes or eating special foods, something I dislike. All I had to do is follow a sample menu and add and subtract a few foods. I could eat what I like (as long as it followed the diet). No problems there.

I figured I would just start and see how it went. I gave it a week to work its magic. Surprisingly, it did work. I added movement during the next week and here I am now.

This diet was on many TV shows, which normally means I would ignore it. I took a risk and figure what did I have to lose.

This diet reminds me of either Weight Watchers or The Atkins Diet, both of which I have done before. I have also completed Nutrisystem. On the other diets I lost weight about 20 – 35 pounds on average and they were hard to maintain. I have also used vitamins, herbs and pills to lose weight and while some of them work, it really wrecks your natural metabolism. This time, it was different. I know it was not really the diet that helped me lose the weight. Nope, no fairy god mother with a wand to help. I used pure determination.

The key to losing the weight and never finding it again is the attitude you have towards food. People do not like to hear this concept, but it is the truth.  You really have to look at how you view food. There are many people who have tried hard to lose weight and failed.  It is very mental to lose and maintain weight. It is not that people who did not lose weight did anything wrong, but  they were not able to handle it on some level. It is not easy so, I totally understand why. I have years of not handling it. Some times you may need to treat weight loss as a project. It takes time and determination. In all cases, there is no cookie cutter solution for losing weight. It depends on the individual. In short, “it’s all about you.” You have to make the plan. You have to try the different weight loss options for at least 2 weeks at a time to see what will really work for you, and make sure you can live with your choices, or you will be back at square one in no time. Square one sucks. I am probably not supposed to say that either (it is not politically correct) but I did.

So the steps for weight loss are: Do research, Pick an option, Do the option, check in to see if there is progress, if there is no change then change the option, keep checking, get to your desired weight, maintain.

I had to make a lifestyle change and I had to make it work for me. I will never eat things that are not compatible with my body because I will suffer the consequences for many hours after (not to mention the weight gain that can happen).

I adjusted my lifestyle per the results of the diet. I added running when I could. I worked out daily from 20 minutes to 90 minutes when I was able. Some days I worked out twice a day and the same went for the running. The more I worked out the better I became at it. Also, the more I enjoyed the results. Now I’m at the maintenance phase. This is the one thing I am still working on. It is going well.

Currently, I am watching my weight closely on a daily basis,  to see how my diet is working from week to week. This week I am into salad. I will try to keep it interesting, low calorie and small in portion size. My motto, “hot sauce is my friend.” My food was simple, chicken, egg, turkey and fish for protein and many vegetables and salads to go with them. I drink seltzer, water, tea and coffee. My desert is the yogurt or fruit that I buy from the store. This is nothing special but it works for me. I love the simplicity of the meals and the taste. Yum, I love food.

I just have to say one more thing about weight management. Don’t take it so seriously that your mood goes south and you end up scarfing pints of ice cream to feel better.  Keep it light! (Literally!)



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