Cool Running – Weather in the Spring

Rain, Rainy weather
Rain, Rainy weather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m good with between 63F to 75F degrees outside for comfort during my run.  I am not a fan of the cold weather. I love spring running normally, but this year it has been a stressful weather year in the Northeast. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it may get better or not. How can you dress for spring running. How can you motivate yourself with all of the ups and downs. The weather seems to mirror my moods when it come to motivating myself to get out the door to run.

My motivation level is already low in the morning, but in the cold weather I become cranky. I wake up  in the cold room and try to slide myself out of bed, then I put on what I think would be good for the weather.T try on my long sleeve shirt, capris and a jacket then I step out and start walking. Sometimes it’s so cool out side you are not sure that you are too cold to get through the entire run without shivering while you run. If you are doing a long run you need to be crafty or just apathetic about the cold or rain. If I make it off of my block I can get through the run. I usually heat up during my run, but not always as the park can be very windy.

Lately, the weather has been running hot and cold, literally. I went for a run the other day in my singlet and shorts and by the time I came back the temperature had dropped more than 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Six degrees can be the difference between comfortable in shorts or long sleeves and capris, (I know men do not wear capris so humor me here). Yes, it could have rained on me or worse, there could have been patches of ice, but a temperature drop was enough to send me into a panic. Yes, I am a wimp! I am probably the few runners who listen out for the rain and feel a sense of dread when they hear it. It’s spring after all and April showers….May showers, whatever! Who can tell. The weather is bizarre. I keep picturing some one doing a weather dance somewhere. It’s my only explanation.

So here is my arsenal against the cold, rain, unexpectedly warm and even frosty weather. I have spring tights or capris or long shorts for the bottoms. I wear light jacket or long sleeve top or heavy t-shirt for the tops. Then I sometimes reluctantly wear my storm socks (waterproof socks rule) in the rain. I pick my combo of clothing and hope it works. Some times I go back in a few times to adjust, then out I go whining all the way. I know, there is way ‘too much information’ and way too many clothing choices to keep track.

To be comfortable and somewhat happy you either have to layer or just break down and wear one piece that will act as your outfit for your run.

Since rain is eminent on some days you have to use rain proof running gear, but that can be too hot or cumbersome sometimes.  It is difficult to do speed work in pouring rain, not impossible (not smart either), but definitely not easy. This is where a treadmill comes in handy.  But it’s spring, I want out, because I can. So I do.

Creativity and visualization are the only solution to these issues. As you slide around in the rain, you have to imagine that you are one of those Mudders in an adventure race breaking a course down as you complete your run. Or you can act like a 5 year old and run through puddles and dance in the rain. Dancing is not far off from running. Either way, it should be a fun experience.  Your experience you can control. The spring weather in 2013… no.

Stay safe out there.


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