Corral A

This morning I was reminiscing about my Run Disney Races. When I started running Run Disney races I got the un-royal treatment and was placed in Corral E, the last start of the race. This was kind of unusual for me since I was used to getting placed in the middle or near the front of most marathons. I realized it was due to a combination of lack of history and estimated time of arrival at the finish line.

The race went well and it was exciting, but I was still annoyed that I was in the back. My worse fear is that I will be the last person to finish. Actually, I was once the last person to cross, but I should mention that it was my first elite race. Since then, it’s never happened (doing my happy dance).

English: Rachel Booth Winning Disneyland 1/2 M...
English: Rachel Booth Winning Disneyland 1/2 Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During that Disney race, I surpassed my wildest dreams in the time of finish department that first year (Nah Nah Nah Boo Boo!), I could now move up in the rankings. The next year, I had moved to Corral D and the last Corral was F. This made me happy because I knew there was no way that I could be last (well it was my thinking). I was not last, but in my normal style I did better than the year before. The Disney race grew larger and I was still in the mix.

In the same Disney race a year later, and I was in Corral C. This was awesome. I felt fabulous as I ran mid-pack through the Parks and I finished well. I trained pretty hard that year too and I’m hoping to do the same this year too . My ultimate goal, my dream is to one day be in Corral A. This is not an ego thing, I just want to experience the race from the front. There would be a sense of adventure, like being the first one to walk through the snow. I have never been in the front of a Half marathon in either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. From my experience, the start of every race is different. The same goes for where you are inside every race. In the back I focused on the people there and we chatted because we were too far back to be focused, except for the national anthem, we were in a different world. In the front, it seems that the runners there are involved with the entertainment and the program. Also, the waiting is less. You need to wait 15 minutes in between waves in most races. By that time I could be settling into my pace theoretically. But on the up side each wave has a lot of wiggle room, and there is less of a pack. I just want to have some Disney fun.

I have done the Coast-to-Coast challenge on a whim, because I did that with Marathons another year. I did the LA Marathon and the NYC Marathon in one year and had the best time doing it. It was fun and I met so many people that year. To this day I still contact one of them whenever I am on the West Coast. I definitely recommend traveling and doing races, you meet the most fun people and  you can never get bored with the course. It’s new.

Now that I have started to do more half marathons than marathons, I am hoping to get a full experience that I could not get with a large long marathon. Marathons are exciting journeys that take you through many cities or other venues and they are extremely taxing on the body. Recovery is an issue in this race. The fun in marathons lie in the training and the completing of the races, and the medals are just the icing on the cake. Did I mention in this piece that I love medals. I do.

I am getting older as we all are. Since I want to be that 100 year old lady running through the streets in a race, I am going to have to choose my battles carefully. There will be more half marathons. But I am hoping, praying, planning on running at least one from Corral A.


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