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English: Lower back exercise
English: Lower back exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I was asked to add more to my “Weight loss” post, so I wrote, “Weight loss Rebooted” to add to my original post. I thought long and hard and realized that I may have been too hasty to post my weight loss experience.  This brings me to a place where I can add to the post further and bring in my emotional journey. This was not an easy process, but I benefitted when I saw people a year after I started and they did not realize who I was.

The reason why this weight loss came about is because I became disgusted with my weight. I was way too large to run and enjoy my favorite things in life, like half marathons, beach parties, walking up stairs in malls to go shopping. That situation was unreal. I decided that it had to change NOW.

After I decided what had to be done I set out to do it with a vengeance. I planned my diet. I planned my exercise. I even planned my rest times.

I had this discussion with a friend recently about weight. She concurred on the difficulty of losing the weight.  She is having a hard time losing weight but she exercises. She is going to do the Gastric Bypass surgery. Though it is a way to go, I actually shy away from surgery of any kind. I figure unless you are dying, you should avoid surgery because it can go bad quickly. I hope the surgery goes well for her as she has many more years to live. I just recommend looking at the issue from many angles and fighting it out.

If you exercise, then see if you need to increase or change the exercise you are doing. Changing it up every now and again makes it interesting. If that is not what you wish to do you can look at the mental causes behind weight gain like stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, physical abuse, or any other issue that has changed your life in any way. You can talk it out with a friend, a therapist or your local clergy. Whatever you do make sure it is something that you can maintain, so you can work out any issue that may be stopping your progress.

This is true for the spiritual side of this issue, and there is a component there that ono one pays attention to. People who are spiritualy well taken care of, and satisfied with their spiritual growth are generally happier. Some people ignore this part of themselves completely there for it never gets addressed. If you do add that component to your life and therefore your weightloss plan, it may fill in the void that you may have some where in your life (if there is one). Spirituality is different for everyone. Therefore, you need to choose what is in line with what you believe in. My spiritual outlet was meditation, classes and reading spiritual books. They kept me busy and out of trouble.

As for the food intake, there are many ways to tweak it to your satisfaction. One of my friends swears by her portion control method. For me, that is only good for 20 lbs. or so, but if that’s all you need, go for it.  I would recommend adding more protein and vegetables, so you could eat the right amount of calories and carbs. Calories do matter. What you take in you have to burn off. The error people make is that they eat too many calories for the activity that they are doing.

I remember that people used to say, if you are training for a marathon that you can eat whatever you want. Trust me it is not true for everyone. I used to be one of those women, who train for a marathon, and run 10 miles then eat just one cookie or cake (no joke), in one meal sitting and I would gain 2 lbs a few days later.

I learned that in addition to my diet that I had to tailor my food to my metabolism. My food had to be simple, easily digested and easy to burn off (no chocolate bars or cake). I had food allergies to eliminate out of my system. I tried many different foods that fit the above template and I found that I lost weight slowly but steadily for weeks. It was a very slow but steady loss.

Eventually, I added weight training, stationary bike and other exercises to my training. It went well and I lost the weight.

Through this whole experience, I realized that while I was feeling like I did not do enough, I really did.  Not giving up to lack of results is what really made the difference in my weight loss. There may be many setbacks in the process, but that is the point. It is a process.

I did the one thing that people did not expect. I reached my goal. And since I did it anyone can. That’s correct, ANYONE.


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