Nay Sayers

On a rainy day in New York, as I sat eating a 100 calorie pastry and some fruit, I just read an article whose sole purpose irritated me. The premise of this article was that once overweight always overweight. Ok. Then there was a study to back it up. Seriously?

Here is a quote from the article:

Oh, you can lose a ton of weight. You’ll gain it back. Here’s one study running the numbers. Here’s a much larger analysis of every long-term weight loss study they could find. They all find the exact same thing: You can lose and keep off some minor amount, 10 or 15 pounds, for the rest of your life — it’s hard, but it can be done. Rarer cases may keep off a little more. But no one goes from actually fat to actually thin and stays thin permanently.

Read more:

I had to read it a couple of time in between my fuming to get the gist of it but I think they are wrong. What would be the point of suffering, exercising and fighting the good fight to lose. There is the principle of things.

My immediate reaction is this is not true. As someone who has been many sizes during my life, i believe otherwise or I would not be able to operate in this Universe. I have been overweight and if I was to go back to that (and I will not), I would have to work it out because I want to stay between 145-150 for the rest of my life. That is m goal. Like anything I take it day by day because sometimes your body has other things planned. Yes you may gain a few pounds but if you address it immediately, by questioning why you gained you can stay thin.

Most of my weight gain was depression, lifestyle (immobility, poor diet) and life changes, all of which I will not go into at this time.

Many things have changed since the weight loss and much more is going on now, hence my  5 lb weight gain. But I’m going to nip it in the bud and get back my swagger because I can. I have actually don it twice and I’m not on my way to be “fat” as they put it in their article. I am on my way to be healthy and the weight that I want to be.  Know yourself. My weight gain may not be much however it could go south really fast,  if you do not pay attention to what you are eating and how often (if you are a stress eater) or why you are eating.

Weight loss and Diet Center always deal with the mental side of weight loss as well as the physical side. Good Mental health and de-stressing will aid in keeping your weight where you need it to be. It is just as important as watching what you eat. Everyone needs time to de-stress and get their mind together so they can function. Most people do not see what stress does to you waistline.

Sometimes there are more reasons than just hunger, but they are not reasons to eat. Food may soothe but it is supposed to nourish. Soothing things like the Spa or meditation do not add pounds to your body. Neither does exercise and running add major pounds, unless you speak about muscle gain. It is important to know your body and how it reacts to everything in your environment.

Adding exercise to your weight loss regimen is important. All people who are good at weigh loss have this in common. Even if there is just walking or casual running will work as a weight loss tool. Consider adding strength training, swimming or other aerobic activities to boost energy and increase weight loss.

Let’s deal with the spiritual part of weight loss. If the mind and the body are in good shape the spirit may be in crises. That needs your attention as much as stress. Spiritual crises are not as easy to feel or see and they are not as tangible as something physical. The concept of spirit is about as tangible as love is to most people, but sometimes as enjoyable. The mind, body and spirit connection is a factor when doing anything that will last for a long time. Feeding the spirit with whatever you deem important may be what you need to keep going and lose the weight. Unusual things have happened in this world.

Never let the Nay sayer’s win. Even if they have a study to prove their point they are incorrect. There are no absolutes in this world just many shades of grey.



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