One Regulation Softball and Exercise

Baseballs and softballs.
Baseballs and softballs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My personal trainer extraordinaire, Will of WillFit gave me some advice awhile back on how to reset yourself after a vigorous workout. He said stretch yourself out, Use the foam roller on your legs and get 2 regulation softballs to use on your back.

Recovery is the key to everything in training. As a person who trains daily, I need to recover completely in order to keep up my schedule. I train about 3 times a week in the gym on slow weeks and 5 times on a vigorous week.  My runs can vary in consistency and length per my mood.  I can run twice a day or mix it with a bike ride.

The foam roller gets out the kinks in the legs and gets the lactic acid moving out of your system.  You lay on the floor then start from your hip and roll to your knees, but be careful to not hurt your knees.

The stretches are something any athlete has been doing all along (or I hope so). They keep you flexible and injury free. The same things goes with the softballs.

The softballs are something you can use separately or together. I just use one so I can control where they go. I lay down on my bed or my exercise bench and roll them in the areas that are sore or irritated. Care must be taken on the spine and neck as they are very sensitive ares of the body. It’s why there are Chiropractors.  When I roll the softball on my back or “buticimo” muscles, I make sure that I am not using too much pressure on my body and then I add pressure as I feel comfortable. I do this for about 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time as to not cause any injury.

In addition, you can use the softball to get out the kinks my neck or arms. It works as well as any other piece of equipment and it’s very inexpensive. I purchased them at a sports store for about $5USD.

When you workout and you feel stiff, don’t just take the day off. Craft a recovery strategy that will help you achieve your training goal.



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